The postal service is seeking a 120-day dispensation from the vaccine mandate

The US Postal Service is seeking a 120-day waiver from the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, It writes the Washington Post.

In a letter sent Tuesday to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Deputy Chief of Staff Douglas Tulino wrote that a vaccine mandate and weekly COVID-19 test for staff would harm the agency’s ability to deliver mail to residents and strain supply chains.

The postal service also asked OSHA to extend its compliance deadlines for 120 days and suspend the agency’s obligations under the required mandate until the courts make a final decision on the case, according to the Post.

The latest vaccine mandate takes effect on January 10, but OSHA will not issue any citations until February 9.

“We respectfully suggest that the nation cannot afford the additional potential significant damage that would be caused if the postal service’s ability to deliver mail and parcels is significantly adversely affected,” Tulino said in his letter.

Tulino also wrote in his letter that the agency has taken several steps to prepare its human software system to manage workers’ health data.

He added that discussions have started with unions about the forthcoming mandate and that the postal service had begun to revise its COVID-19 vaccination, testing and face-covering policy, Posten reported.

The United States is currently dealing with a winter wave of COVID-19 infections as the omicron variant takes hold.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for the postal service, Darlene Casey, said the agency will continue to enforce its existing coronavirus remedy program, Post noted.

“The postal service is seeking temporary relief because it wants to ensure that its ability to deliver mail and parcels is not hampered in the midst of current disruptions in the country’s supply chain,” Casey told the Post. “In addition, the postal service wants to adopt policies and procedures that comply [OSHA standard] and at the same time fulfills the organization’s other legal obligations. ”


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