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Behavioral economics professionals say this is the first step to making money decisions

How personal is personal finance really? It depends on who you ask.Some experts, such as "I Want to Teach You to Be Rich" author Ramit Sethi, say that it can overwhelm you to focus too much on your personal situation, which can lead to paralysis when it comes to

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3 Dangerous Misunderstandings That Can Destroy Americans’ Retirement | Personal finance

3. Misconception: The market has seen more negative returns than positive onesFidelity's study showed that 72% of survey takers thought that the past 35 years had been a bad period in terms of market performance. This majority of Americans thought the stock market had seen more negative returns than positive

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Medicare’s Telehealth experiment could be here to stay | Personal finance

As with the divide between city and country, the report notes that access to technology can be the cause of racial differences. In particular, the report emphasizes "the need for politicians to address the digital divide by increasing broadband access and supporting individuals' access to and comfort of using

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