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A cannabis plant growing indoors in Canberra.

How Canberra’s cannabis legislation is and will not be used almost two years after decriminalization

When the personal use of cannabis was decriminalized in the ACT in January 2020, Mary could not wait to start growing the plant that she uses to treat her chronic depression and arthritis."It was time to take back our power and grow for ourselves and produce our own medicine at

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Wet weather is causing chaos on seasonal produce in the Canberra region as crops are left to rot in the soil

Farmers in the Canberra region warn that summer fruits and vegetables, which usually pack market stalls for Christmas, may not grow in time this year - if at all.Key points:Rain and cold temperatures are destroying crops in the Canberra regionProducers warn that fruits and vegetables, which will normally be readily

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Hollie Hughes urges the Greens, Labor and the media to respond to Lidia Thorpe’s comments

Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes has whipped the Greens, Labor and members of the media over her treatment following comments from Lidia Thorpe.Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes has hit "absolutely outrageous" double standards after she was subjected to sexist comments by Green Senator Lidia Thorpe.Mrs Thorpe apologized to Mrs Hughes on Wednesday

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a roll of film being developed

Federal funding for the National Film and Sound Archive to save hours of exposed footage of Australian life

Historical footage of Australian life in the 20th century will be salvaged after the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) secured $ 41.9 million in federal funding. Key points:The National Film and Sound Archive says the funding will help digitize about 240,000 audiovisual recordings on magnetic tapeFunding comes after national

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Cases of missing persons a step closer to clarification with new dedicated forensic laboratory

There are 2,600 long-term missing persons in Australia, but today their families may be one step closer to receiving closure.Key points:Australian federal police have begun testing unidentified human remains in a new dedicated forensic laboratoryIt is hoped that the program will bring a closure of the families of long-gone missing

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Christopher Cunningham’s third trial sees him jailed for shooting in the southern part of Canberra

A 34-year-old man charged with a shooting in southern Canberra in 2019 has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison after being prosecuted for the crime three times.Key points:Christopher Cunningham pleaded guilty to having committed an act that endangered the life and unauthorized possession of a firearmThe juries in

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Video still: Generic photo, a man mowing lawn in household garden. Oct 2012.

A mowing in time: Talks with the nominated lawn mowers for ABC Canberra’s Mow-Vember – Breakfast

The recent rain and warm weather in Canberra have caused the grass to grow tall. Mow-Vember celebrates members of the ACT community helping to mow the lawn in local areas where it threatens to take over. ABC Radio Canberra's Lish Fejer spoke with three of the nominees for Mow-Vember, Phil

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