Rep. Jeremy Faison expelled from HS basketball game, sorry

Tennessee House Republican lawmaker Jeremy Faison apologized after he was kicked out of a boys’ basketball game in high school Tuesday.

The incident took place during the third quarter of the Providence Academy-Lakeway Christian Academy matchup, two private schools located in the state. As the story has been reported, what began as a loose ball on the field ended with Rep. Faison lost his temper – and a judge almost lost his pants.

Rep. Faison, whose son plays for Lakeway, walked away from the fight without further fuss. On Wednesday, he took to twitter to apologize for his actions:

Faison has been president of the House of Representatives for Republicans since 2019, a significant spin on another sad chapter in the Book of Crazy Fans in HS Sports History.

This from rep. Gloria Johnson (Tenn.):


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