Julie Pacino’s “I Live Here Now” will be produced and distributed by Utopia

“I Live Here Now” is on its way to the big screen. Julie Pacino will lead a feature inspired by her NFT photography series of the same title. Deadline reports that Utopia has signed on to produce and distribute the psychological horror film.

Set to begin production in April 2022, “I Live Here Now” will “follow a young actress, disillusioned with the conflicting demands of her body from Hollywood, who runs away to the Madonna Inn after finding out she’s pregnant “But as she becomes aware that employees are monitoring her movements, she discovers that the hotel itself has an even darker interest in her body than Hollywood.”

Pacino recently dropped “I Live Here Now: Keepers of the Inn,” another NFT photography project related to the film. “Funds generated from the project will go to fund the function,” according to the source. “Holders of NFTs from the two projects will have special access to the filmmaking process, including being able to weigh in on creative decisions.”

Pacino “is also launching an initiative to encourage female filmmakers to enter the NFT area, where women account for only 5% of total NFT sales to date. Her production company Tiny Apples will support a short film from the winner of its grant. “

“I’m incredibly inspired by the convergence of film, photography and NFT, and how it will provide access to capital and community for independent filmmakers,” Pacino said. “The NFT area has changed my life by connecting me to an incredible community and enabling me to grow my work. I want this project to help pave the way for democratization of film funding and open more doors for queer and female filmmakers to create and share their art. “

Dani Koenigsberg, VP, Development and Packaging for Utopia, added: “Like Julie, we see film as just part of the full fan experience. Audiences want to engage in and around content in new ways, whether it’s procuring merchandise, participating in an event or have a personal experience. Utopia loves working with filmmakers who want to disrupt the status quo while creating something unique and salable. “

“Technology is, like everything else, a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it enables us like-minded happy people to connect, and on the other hand, it can be used as a tool of negative forces to unite and attack. Personally, this NFT space really opened me up to the idea that we are actually moving in a positive direction, “Pacino said in a recent interview. “The stream of support and love that I’ve gotten a glimpse of from people in this community is really encouraging. And it’s contagious, which bodes well for our future. I’m usually a pessimist when it comes to that kind of thing, but I’m starting to see the glass as half full. “

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