Jackie Goldschneider Rejects Divided Rumors: Teresa Did Not Kill My Marriage!

It’s almost a year ago, though The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have not forgotten.

Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice had a bitter feud over rumors that threatened Jackie’s marriage.

Things ran out of control and then died, but there were rumors that the Goldschneiders ended up divorcing in earnest.

Jackie says that is not the case, and explains how she protects her children from this dark side of fame.

Jackie Goldschneider provides an update January 2022

Jackie Goldschneider opened up for In Touch Weekly about where things stand with her family.

First of all, she confirmed that her relationship with her husband, Evan Goldschneider, is “definitely” safe.

She also explained how there are verbal and nonverbal ways to ensure their children do not buy into the rumors.

Jackie Goldschneider wants real closure

“We promise them both that mom and dad love each other so much,” Jackie remarked. “I think it comforts them.”

With the season 12 premiere airing on Tuesday, February 1st, we are once again reminded that television does not happen in a vacuum.

Even if her kids don’t see the show, their classmates or their families might. Securing yourself against it starts at home.

Jackie Goldschneider receives an apology

“But those are the little things they see when we don’t direct it at them,” Jackie explained.

“Like when they see us kissing on the way out the door,” she stated. “They see us holding hands when we walk.”

Jackie continued, “The little things, let them know mom and dad really love each other.”

Jackie Goldschneider for season 12

Jackie and Evan have been married since 2006 and have two sets of twins.

Jonas and Adin are 13. Alexis and Hudson are 11.

These years can be vulnerable times when it comes to self-esteem and interactions between colleagues, but they know their family is not falling apart.

Jackie Goldschneider moans

However, that does not mean that season 11 was easy for them.

When Teresa spread (sorry, “repeated”) a rumor that Evan was having a wild affair, things got ugly.

It’s not just that it was painful for Jackie. It was embarrassing for Evan to be drawn into that nonsense.

Jackie Goldschneider picture

Jackie explained that she decided that season 11 would be banned for her children. She saw it alone while it was being sent.

Additionally, she and Evan decided to be “proactive” when it came to their kids hearing about what was happening that season.

“We had to explain to them what they could hear,” Jackie remarked, “what happened on the show.”

Jackie Goldschneider treasurer Teresa Giudice

“And,” Jackie declared, “we had to assure them that none of that was true.”

She confirmed, “I did not want them to think about their father.”

“I did not want anyone to take these rumors and run with them as a way to tease the kids,” Jackie added. “I also did not want them to worry.”

Jackie Goldschneider is not feeling well

Despite all this, Jackie told her that she does not want Teresa any malice in her own love life.

For better or worse, Teresa is engaged to Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

“If he treats her well and his past is in the past, then I can only hope they remain as in love as they are right now,” Jackie said charitably.

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