The Power of Guy Oseary and Michael Reveals a Light Learning Program on-premises – Last Day

The Power of Guy Oseary and Michael Reveals a Light Learning Program on-premises – Last Day

Guy Oseary and Michael Power has announced its implementation Light, a video platform for short-term communication and learning, with the help of various stars.

The platform gives students the opportunity to “fulfill” their lives, by taking their favorite things from different walks of life.


More than 200 talents have recently shared their knowledge with fans at Bright, including Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Naomi Campbell, Shawn Mendes, Amy Schumer, D-Nice, D’Amelio Sisters, Laura Dern, Judd Apatow, Deepak Chopra, Diplo, Kenny Smith, Kane Brown, Drew and Jonathan Scott (Goods Brothers), Lindsey Vonn, Rachel Zoe, Diego Boneta, Tal Fishman, Ryan Prunty, Demi Skipper, Charlotte Mckinney, Jason Bolden, Yris Palmer, Cat & Nat, Ronnie2K, Chef Ludo Lefebvre, and Jonathan Mannion.

More than 1500 graduates are currently in the process of conducting “Good Meetings,” which can be monitored from skills to unexpected life lessons and much more. In addition to its live footage, Bright will have a “Bright Stage” directly exchanged, with a VIP area, among other related features.

Oseary and Kutcher’s Sound Ventures founded Bright, and is one of the leading performers. Other additional vendors include RIT Capital, Globo, and Norwest, as well as other leading, popular and commercial VCs.

As CEO of Bright, Powers oversees a team of leading executives from exciting and innovative leadership. Former Kaitlyn Powell, former Head of Talent at Caffeine, has joined the VP of Talent & Partnerships, and Sadia Harper, a former UX Strategist on Instagram, who leads the Producers & Product Strategy. Jeben Berg has teamed up with YouTube & Maker Studios as Director of Creative programming, and Pinterest of Heather Grates to join as Design Lead. In a previous stint at Apple and Facebook, Jarad Backlund will lead the economy.

Prior to joining Oseary, Power served as SVP and GM at CBS Interactive. He was one of the first directors on YouTube.

Oseary shares with Power a wealth of knowledge in digital, music, creative relationships, production, and distribution. The co-founder of Sound Ventures and A-Grade Investments re-founded Maverick in 2014, and continues to respond to Madonna and U2 at the music management company.

To hear more about the Bright Tower, Click here.


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