Kenya Moore Shows Her Side Of The Side Of The Boat

Kenya Moore Shows Her Side Of The Side Of The Boat

Enter Moore showing his body on the beach randomly and fans were not impressed with his weight which he managed to lose. See what he shared on his media account.

‘Serving and twisting the lime ❤️’ Kenya said in a statement. Another follower said: ‘Always have clean and white! Uh hold it, you really live in ALL colors !! ❤️❤️❤️ ‘

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Someone wrote this message: ‘Let me pass by and tell you, Lord, you have been killing this game for so long. Keep breaking your neck lol sheesh, ” and another friend wrote: ‘Yassss weight loss 😍😍😍 Am I throwing my weight right now?’

See how short it is: ‘Now it’s Boooooody !! No filters no filters !! No staff, no electricity, a simple iPhone #BLOOP LOL, ” and another writer said: ‘You look good – but you should have the opportunity to have the money for the plastic surgery that your mothers do when you have children .. don’t hate – just jealous. ‘

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One commentator said: ‘I’m just trying to see how the haters can turn this around because 🔥🔥🔥’ and another follower said: ‘SLAYNYA MOORE ……. Please keep giving the enemies sleep at night …. Laugh.’

Enter Moore showcasing its amazing hourglass look on television for several days now.

‘Drive the way and leave them in the dust,’ Kenya wrote in a note.

In more recent articles, Enter Moore he praises And Burruss on his media account. See file for you buy what they shared.

Kenya showing off her amazing body on a boat, and her fans can’t get enough of her. See what he shared on his media account.

‘#ICON Photo: @cynthiabailey (unedited) errors by all 😘’ ‘Kenya wrote what she wrote. from another day.



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