J. Cole Announced His New Album ‘The Off-Season’ Is Dropping Next Week

J. Cole Announced His New Album ‘The Off-Season’ Is Dropping Next Week

It looks like the wait is over, and J. Cole’s much-anticipated sixth album will be unveiled next week.

For the past few days, J. Cole has been throwing ideas through TV and leaving many fans hoping something is at hand. However, things got clearer when he went to social media to share his disc of the translation date.

J. Cole’s Instagram account on May 1

He he announced “Break Time,” will be released on Friday, May 14. The announcement was made Tuesday, which is also the 14th anniversary of his debut single, “The Come Up.”

There’s no list to share, or any mention, though J. Cole is known to go platinum for nothing.

Last July he released his hit single “The Climb Back,” and “The Lion King on Ice,” which is expected to appear on “The Fall Off,” which is another work that needs to be released soon.

J. Cole released the final album of the entire studio “KOD” back in April 2018.

During the break, Cole also started basketball. Another love he has shown several times. Like us kale said, last year Master P. revealed that he had spoken to J. Cole about his ambitions to play basketball.

At the time he said, “When I talked to J. Cole, he was like, ‘You know, big dog did this. What do you think I should do to make this happen?'” He’s going to be very hateful of you, he’s going to be a lot of people who don’t believe you but you know J. Cole – he was the right size, he’s on the gym! ”

Soon, a Interesting Pistons called on J. Cole to test their team.

Now it looks like the reading starts officially until a new song from J. Cole is released.

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