Casablanca is a tale of war, intrigue and love. The film was made in 1942 and was directed by Michael Curtiz. It starred in Hollywood Heart Snail Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, who were often considered “the ideal of American femininity” along with Paul Henreid. These quotes from Casablanca clearly show the love the characters felt for each other and the stress of life during the war.

Is Casablanca Based on a true story?

Well, the movie is set during World War II and was released the same week Roosevelt and Churchill met to demand that the Axis powers surrender. The romantic drama focuses on Rick (Bogart), an American expat who owns a cafe.

Rick has to choose between the feelings he has for his former mistress Ilsa (Bergman), who reappears in Casablanca with her husband Victor (Henreid). Laszlo is a Czech resistance leader and the couple need to flee Casablanca to continue their mission to fight the Germans. The love story itself may not be based on a particular love story, but the film includes the feelings of many refugees and war victims.

Also, do not forget to check these out famous movie quotes from your favorite characters.

Casablanca quotes showing the love between Rick and Ilsa

1. “We always have Paris.” – Rick Blaine

2. “Here you look at you, child.” Rick Blaine

3. “Kiss me like it was the last time.” Ilsa Lund

4. Ilsa Lund: “That was the day the Germans marched into Paris.”

Rick Blaine: “Not an easy day to forget. I remember every detail. The Germans wore gray, you wore blue. ”

Ilsa Lund: “Yes. I put that dress away. When the Germans march out, I wear it again.”

5. “I can not fight it anymore. I ran away from you once. I can not do it again. I do not know what is anymore. You have to think for both of us. For all of us. I wish I did not love you so much. ” Ilsa Lund

6. “It’s funny with your voice how it has not changed. I can still hear it. “Richard, dear, I follow you everywhere. We get on a train together and never stop. ” – Rick Blaine

7. “I love you so much. And I hate this war so much. ” – Ilsa Lund

8. Ilsa Lund: [on the verge of tears] “I did not count the days.”

Rick Blaine: “I did that. Every single one of them. Most I remember the last one. Wow finish. A guy standing on a station platform in the rain with a comical look on his face because his inside has been thrown out. ”

9. “When the whole world crumbles, this time we choose to fall in love.” Ilsa Lund

10. Ilsa Lund: “I said I would never leave you.”

Rick Blaine: “And you never will. But I also have a job to do. Where I’re going, you can not follow. What I have to do, you can not be a part of. ”

11. “Richard, we loved each other once. If these days meant anything to you at all … ” Ilsa Lund

12. “She’s not just ‘any woman’.” Rick Blaine

13. “We both know you belong to Victor. You’re part of his job, the thing that keeps him going. If the plane leaves the ground and you are not with him, you will regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life. ” Rick Blaine

The best of Rick Blaine from these quotes from Casablanca

14. “I’m the only case I’m interested in.” – Rick Blaine

15. Yvonne: “Where were you last night?”

Rick Blaine: “It’s so long ago I can not remember.”

Yvonne: “Do I see you tonight?”

Rick Blaine: “I never make plans that far ahead.”

16. “Of all the gin joints, in all cities, in all the world, she goes into mine.” Rick Blaine

17. “Louis, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Rick Blaine

18. Ugarte: “You despise me, don’t you?”

Rick Blaine: “If I were you, I probably would.”

19. “Where I am going, you can not follow. What I have to do, you can not be a part of. Ilsa, I’m not good at being noble, but it does not take much to see that the problems of three little people do not constitute a tray of prayers in this crazy world. One day you will understand it. ” – Rick Blaine

20. “Go ahead and shoot. You are doing me a favor. ” – Rick Blaine

21. Captain Louis Renault: “I have often wondered why you do not return to America. Did you avoid with church funds? Downstream with a senator’s wife? I like to think you killed a man. It’s the romantic in me. ”

Rick Blaine: “It was a combination of all three. ”

22. “Do you have any idea what to look forward to if you stay here? Nine out of ten chances, we both end up in a concentration camp. ” – Rick Blaine

23. “I stick my throat out for no one.” – Rick Blaine

24. “Are my eyes really brown?” – Rick Blaine

25. “When it comes to women, you are a true Democrat.” – Rick Blaine

26. “Well, there are certain parts of New York, Major, that I would not advise you to try to invade.” – Rick Blaine

27. “I do not mind a parasite. I protest against a reduced speed. ” – Rick Blaine

28. “We all try. You succeed. ” – Rick Blaine

Casablanca quotes about life in Casablanca

29. “As the leader of all illegal activities in Casablanca, I am an influential and respected man.” – Signor Ferrari

30. “I will miss you. Apparently you’re the only one in Casablanca with fewer scruples than I do. ” Captain Louis Renault

31. “You overestimate the influence of the Gestapo. I do not mix with them and they do not mix me. In Casablanca I am master of my destiny! ” – Captain Louis Renault

32. “I have many friends in Casablanca, but somehow, just because you despise me, you’re the only one I trust.” Ugarte

33. “Well, everyone in Casablanca has problems. Yours might come out. ” – Rick Blaine

34. Captain Louis Renault: “What brought you in the name of heaven to Casablanca? ”

Rick Blaine: “My health. I came to Casablanca for the water.”

Captain Louis Renault: The waters? Which waters? We are in the desert! ”

Rick Blaine: “I was misinformed.”

35. Rick Blaine: “I do not buy or sell people.”

Ferrari: “It was a pity. It is Casablanca’s leading commodity. Only in refugees could we make a fortune if you work with me through the black market.”

Rick Blaine: “Suppose you run your business, and let me run mine.”

36. ”Can just as well be honest, monsieur. It would take a miracle to get you out of Casablanca, and the Germans have banned miracles. ” – Ferrari

Funny Casablanca quotes

37. Berger: “We read five times that you were killed in five different places.”

Victor Laszlo: “As you can see, it was true every single time.”

38. Rick Blaine: “Remember, this gun is pointing straight at your heart.”

Captain Louis Renault: “It’s my least vulnerable place.”

39. ”You might as well question why we breathe. If we stop breathing, we will die. If we stop fighting our enemies, the world will die. ” – Victor Laszlo

40. Captain Louis Renault: “If Rick has the letters, he’s too smart to let you find them there.”

Major Strasser: “You give him credit for being too clever. My impression was that he was just another blundering American. ”

Captain Louis Renault: “Do not underestimate American blunders. I was with them when they “blundered” into Berlin in 1918. “

41. Captain Louis Renault: Rick, there are many exit visas sold in this cafe, but we know you have never sold one. That’s why we allow you to stay open. ”

Rick Blaine: “Oh? I thought it was because I let you win at roulette. ”

Captain Louis Renault: “That’s another reason.”

42. “Each of us has a destiny – for better or for worse.” Victor Laszlo

Funny Casablanca Quotes

43. ”Rick is the kind of man who … if I were a woman and I was not around, I should be in love with Rick. But what a fool I am talking to a beautiful woman about another man. ” – Captain Louis Renault

44. Rick Blaine: “You know what I want to hear.”

Sam: [lying] “No I do not.”

Rick Blaine: “You played it for her, you can play it for me!”

Sam: [lying] “Well, I do not think I can remember …”

Rick Blaine: “If she can stand it, I can! Play it! “

45. Captain Louis Renault: “I’m shocked, shocked to find out that games are going on in here!” [a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]

Croupier: “Your gain, sir.”

Captain Louis Renault: “Oh, thank you very much.”

46. Major Strasser: “What is your nationality?”

Rick Blaine: “I’m a drunk.”

Captain Louis Renault: That makes Rick a world citizen. ”

47. Captain Louis Renault: “In 1935 you ran arms to Ethiopia. In 1936, you fought in Spain on the loyalist side. ”

Rick Blaine: “I got paid well for it on both occasions.”

Captain Louis Renault: “The winning side would have paid you much better.”

48. Ilsa Lund: “A franc for your thoughts.”

Rick Blaine: “In America, they only wanted to bring a penny, and I think that’s all it’s worth.”

49. Rick Blaine: “I just paid twenty. I would like it back. ”

Captain Louis Renault: “Do it ten. I’m just a bad corrupt official. ”

50. “If he ever gets a word in, it’s going to be a big Italian victory.” – Captain Louis Renault

Which of these Casablanca deals is your favorite?

The script is based on an unproduced stage play by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison called Everyone comes to Rick. Warner Bros. producer Hal B. Wallis bought the film rights to the play in January 1942 at the insistence of story editor Irene Diamond.

Casablanca exceeded studio expectations and ended up winning an Oscar for Best Picture. The film also received director Michael Curtiz, an award for best director. The authors also picked up the award for best adapted manuscript.

In addition to the recognition the film received, memorable lines such as ‘Here You Look, Child,’ made the film an icon of film culture. It is without a doubt one of the greatest films in history and ranks consistently on the top film charts.

The film used real exiles and refugees as extras or smaller cast members, which increased the film’s emotional sentiment. They were able to convey an authentic sense of the desperation that the refugees felt.

Have you seen Casablanca? Which of these Casablanca offers and lines is your favorite? Share your favorite scene or movie fun fact in the comments section below.


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