Disconnect to connect… | Motivation A Game Changer

Disconnect to connect… | Motivation A Game Changer

Just unplug yourself,

For this, you need no help.

Enjoy the now,

Don’t ponder on tomorrow and how?

You will be calm when you are offline,

You will be connected, you will be fine.

Just be alone and work on your goals,

Think of a new version of self and your soul.

Protect your peace,

Reset, realign, reignite and grease.

Just put down your phone and pick your life,

Enjoy every moment, cutting stress with a knife.

Compare yourself with your old self,

Change your new version, scratch old with scalpel

Get addicted to better yourself,

Stop hurting yourself.

Stop creating competitions that does not exist,

Be inspired and let no negativity exit.

Make yourself amazing,

Leave the crowd gazing.

Turn all your pain to power,

No self-doubt, you are clear.

Say to yourself, you are fine,

Hey! Bring your own sunshine.

Say to yourself, I am no more available,

Repeat, with self-confidence I am capable.

Remember your potential is endless,

Without your reaction this world is powerless…


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