How to sell and donate your unwanted things ethically

If we have things we neither want nor need, what are we to do with it?

Many people save items for “one day”, but Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, aka The Minimalists, advise against it. The minimalists have a 20/20 rule that says that if you can get an item within 20 minutes for $ 20 or less, you do not have to keep it for “a safety reason”. Also consider that people buy almost everything, even broken, non-functional technology they use to repair other things. You never know what you might get if you are willing to part with something you might otherwise throw away or hide.

So now that you have things you want to unload, we have solutions.

When cash would have been better than a sweater

It’s cute to receive a gift, but when it’s the wrong size, color or just not your style, it makes sense not to wear it and keep the marks on. That way, you can take advantage of the opportunity to sell it as a new item – NWT (New With Tags) – giving you the most value for money.

The only game in town for online resale used to be eBay, and for years it was the best place to find and sell sold out, discontinued or vintage items in several categories – clothing, shoes, electronics, sports equipment, cars, etc. Many people have made jobs for themselves while busy with eBay .

If it’s clothes you want to get rid of, there are sites dedicated to this, and they each offer something a little different.

ThredUp makes it easy for salespeople by sending “cleanup kits”, bags of prepaid labels, which you fill with new or gently used items and send back so the company’s used experts can sort through. Once they have figured out what your stuff is worth, you can get credit to spend on the site or cash through PayPal.

PoshMark created an easy-to-use system where salespeople download an app, take pictures of the items they want to sell – which can be fashion, beauty or home decor – and create a listing. PoshMark shares the listing on its network, but the platform works in the same way as a social media site, and salespeople who share other salespeople’s posts and build a following do better than those who put it and forget it.

For PoshMark, it’s also important to take great pictures and be knowledgeable about the items you sell. Items that are no longer available but in high demand will sell faster. For tips on selling, YouTube videos can help with strategy.

Mercari offers sellers the opportunity to load clothes and accessories plus electronics, home decor, vintage and luxury items like Gucci and Christian Louboutin. Mercari also offers an easy-to-use app and allows buyers to pay over time.

Depop has niches in streetwear, sneakers, designer clothes and jewelry as well as sports equipment, music, books and art. Curtsy offers a little of everything, but has a comprehensive selection of dresses – for everything from gala clothes to gala dresses to sundresses – in a format that is easy to shop and sell. For luxury designer goods, The real real is the place.


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