Giant fans, we have hit rock bottom

When it comes to determining the state of the New York Giants franchise, I keep coming back to a quote from Netflix’s popular teen show, External Banks. The show’s main character, John B, remembered an old saying that his father told him as a child.

John B said, “My old man used to tell me that it’s best to never say you’ve reached the bottom. Believe me, he said, ‘you can always go lower.'”

After Sunday’s 34-10 loss to the Eagles, the Giants have hit bottom. The loss perfectly outlined the Giants’ problems since 2017. Quarterback inconsistency, below-average offensive line play, unoriginal offensive game plans, a non-existent pass rush and an uninspiring coaching staff top the list of Big Blue shortcomings. These are some of the many reasons why the Giants are tied with the Jets (go figure) for the worst record since 2017 (22-57).

Before we dive into Daniel Jones’ tenure, let’s talk about Jake Fromm and Mike Glennon. Fromm delivered one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen in the NFL, finishing the day 6/17 for 25 yards with 1 INT and a QBR of 19.5. Mike Glennon, who was benched last week, took over for Fromm in the second half and went 17/27 for 93 yards with 1 TD, 1 INT and a QBR of 65.8.

Full disclosure I wanted From start to finish Glennon to see if the former Georgia QB could be a future backup for this team. The answer is no.

It’s not like the Giants have just lost to the Eagles. They were embarrassed. The offense scored 3 points in three and a half quarters and accumulated just 192 yards in total. The amazing part is that the Giants won the possession game and ran more offensive games. But when your offensive is more basic than vanilla ice cream, it’s not hard for opposing defenses to prepare.

On the defensive side, the front-7 could not fire the quarterback, even though the attack used tackling puppets to block. The saving grace throughout the year has been Patrick Graham and the secondary. At least Graham’s playcalling and the four backs give the team a chance to compete on a weekly basis.

The once proud organization that won two Super Bowls in four years is now promoting a system of loss and dysfunction. The blame starts at the top with John Mara. The Giants’ owner is reportedly tired of losing and wants to get a team on the right track again, but he has not been able to recognize the mistake that put the team in this particular situation.

The day Mara hired Dave Gettleman to be general manager will go down as one of the five worst decisions in franchise history.

For every good decision by Gettleman, and there are only a few, five bad ones follow. It all started when the team drafted Saquon Barkley with number two. I know I should not draft a running back in the top 5. You know that one should not draft a running back in the top 5. Even my mother would never make this mistake, and yet the Giants took Barkley instead of choosing Elis successor. Now Barkley looks like a shell by itself and is still the one furthest away from a team leader.

After signing and then dealing with Odell Beckham Jr., Gettleman drafted Daniel Jones to take over Manning’s place as quarterback.

There’s a popular video where a middle-aged man walks up to the camera and says, “You’re not that guy, friend. Trust me. You’re not that guy.” That’s the best way to describe Jones. At times, Jones will flash his athletic prowess and run after a 50-yard run. He will typically then follow it up with a rollover at a check down. It’s the DJ experience. He is average at best with low ceilings and strict limits on what he can do in terms of throwing the ball. Jones also lubricates his hands with popcorn butter before each possession as he led the NFL in fumbles since 2019 with 36 (!).

Do you know who else is not the “guy?” Joe judge. After every Giants game, I ask myself a question. What is Joe Judge good at? Judge was a former specialty team coach, and yet that unit ranks only number 14 in the NFL. The Giants are HORRIBLE (deserved an all-caps) in the last two minutes before the half, after being scored 68-0. I joke that Judge is the greatest “undisciplined disciplinary” because the team continues to falter in big places, especially in close matches. I talked more about my problems with Judge, who owns a record of 10-21, after a week 2 loss against WFT.

I can go on and on about Gettleman’s acquisitions. For every Blake Martinez and James Bradberry, there is a Golden Tate, Nate Solder and Will Hernandez. Despite all these mistakes, Mara still deserves the greatest guilt because he empowered Gettleman.

Losing organizations build teams the wrong way. Yesterday’s report that Judge and Jones return to 2022 appears in the first few chapters of the book on how to build a losing team.

I’m sorry, but I’m not furious that the Giants decided to run it back with Judge and Jones. I do not agree, but there are arguments for keeping both. However, all indications are that Gettleman will be fired at the end of the season. The right move would be to pick up a new GM first to discuss the future of the coach and QB with ownership, two of the most important aspects of a winning team. If you make that decision from GM, then what is the point of hiring an external voice? No GM wants these decisions made for them, which leads me to believe that the Giants can promote a director in the organization to the GM. Why get a new voice to build a team the right way when you can promote someone who has been a part of the losing culture? In other words, it’s the worst case scenario.

John B was right. Huge fans, we can go lower than the bottom.

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