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Regina King Imprint Ceremony at TCL Chinese Theater

By Fisher Jack via EUR Web

Regina King – an Oscar-, Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning actress – joins the majors on the TCL Chinese Theater Hollywood Walk of Fame as she is now immortalized after cement hand / footprint ceremony.

This amazing young lady from Black LA expressed her trip as a little girl to Grauman’s Chinese Theater…

“I remember looking for Bette Davis’ hand and footprints. That was all I wanted to see. But what struck me was why it took me so long to find her footprints because I kept going. to be hit by someone else, ”King said.

At the ceremony, Regina King etched the words of her immortal cement: “No place like home!

“A lot of people are going to see this and they’ll think it’s coming from The Wizard of Owith, ‘but it comes from my beginning’ 227 ‘, where the theme song started with’ no place like home ‘,’ because this is home ‘, King said. “And I will be home forever and always and always and always!”

Regina King was accompanied by her mother Gloria King, sister Reina King and son Ian Alexander Jr. with a host of friends and family. Regina plays the lead role in the captivating new film “The Harder they Fall”, which brought producer James Lassiter and director / writer / producer Jeymes Samuel out to the ceremony.

King’s film credits include John Singleton’s “Poetic Justice,” “Boyz n the Hood.”” and “Higher learning. “Other TV and movie credits include:”Jerry McGuire “ as wife of Cuba Gooding Jr., “Friday, “” Enemy of the State “,” Ray “,”BoonDocks, “”American Crime Southland. “ Her performance in “If Beale Street Could Talk” earned her a Golden Globe Award and Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. HBOs “Watchmen “received widespread critical acclaim and won 11 Emmy Awards, highlighting the Tulsa Racial Massacre in 1921. King’s debut as a director of” One Night in MiamiI” helped the film receive an Oscar nomination. This powerful woman knows no bounds in her talent and love of art. During her busy day, she has taken the time to speak and encourage the youth of LA’s Dorsey High School with peace through education. She always learns and strengthens others.

“It’s a sight to see the strength of your connection and care and creativity and desire for community is a marvel,” filmmaker, Ava DuVernay passionately told King at the ceremony. “It’s been a pleasure to be in your circle. Your talent knows no rejections (and) my heart is full (knowing) that millions of people who visit this place will have the emotional will to always know your name among Hollywoods. I hope they will be empowered and lifted by the energy given to them by knowing that you existed, that you made sure that we as black women existed on film and television, and that they can feel compelled to to pursue their passion as you have. Congratulations my beautiful friend … you make us all better at it! “

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Photo credits: Steven Williams

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