CHICAGO – It’s no secret that in the last few seasons, if Zach LaVine underwent a cold shooting in the match, or was pressured by the defense, it typically meant that the Chicago Bulls attack was stagnant. Chicago’s success used to depend on LaVine’s game-to-game performance, and while that may still prove true as the season goes on, the Bulls’ 128-112 blowout victory over the New Orleans Pelicans showed that he definitely gets some help when he struggles.

LaVine went goalless in the first quarter of the match, but Chicago still managed to form a 28-17 lead, thanks to a 10-point first quarter from DeMar DeRozan and six points from Javonte Green from the bench. To think that the Bulls managed to hold a lead with their best goal scorer struggling to lower a shot to start the game was unthinkable just a season ago. But as LaVine put it after finishing the night with 32 points, six rebounds and five assists, the mood with this team is just various.

“We just got a whole different energy with this team, goals that we’re trying to go out there and do, it’s a next fighting mentality,” LaVine said. “We expect to play this way … this is the most exciting thing I’ve played basketball and I’m having fun out there and we’re really competitive at both ends of the court and I think it shows.”


He is not mistaken that Chicago is competitive at both ends of the floor. On offense, four of Chicago scored five starters in doubles, with Lonzo Ball recording a triple-double (17 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists). DeMar DeRozan also grabbed 26 own points. Then there was bench support from guys like Green (10 points), Alex Caruso (nine points) and Alize Johnson (eight points).

In defense, Ball and Caruso were annoying all night long, causing deflections, getting away with steals, and generally knocking New Orleans out of its rhythm. It was expected that when the Bulls signed Ball and Caruso, they would help lift Chicago’s defense, and against the Pelicans, their presence felt strongly on the defensive side of the ball.

“[Being active with their hands] “disturbs the rhythm of it, even if they do not get the stealers, they are so active that you have to pay attention to them,” said LaVine. Even for guys like me and DeMar, it helps to be more in passing. , get some extra rebounds because the boys’ rhythm is off so their effort and energy bleeds through the rest of the team. “

Although this victory came against a Pelicans team without their best player in Zion Williamson, the Bulls showed that they are capable of being a dangerous offensive team and also a better than expected defensive team. During the season, there were mixed reactions to Chicago’s roster list, as many wondered how all this talent would fit together, specifically Ball, LaVine and DeRozan, as all three players excel with the ball in their hands. But through two games so far, it hasn’t been a problem, in part because Balls elite pitch vision and passing ability help put guys like DeRozan and LaVine in a position to get light buckets.

Like this easy transition can of DeRozan in the first quarter:

Or this perfectly placed penny for a cutting LaVine for the reverse setup:

Ball helps push the pace for the Bulls, and in transition he is a dangerous pass, as evidenced by assists for DeRozan. As the season progresses, the chemistry between these guys only gets better, which will only make Chicago so much more potent in attack.

Although it is too early to make definitive proclamations about Chicago’s status in the Eastern Conference, as LaVine has legitimate help in crime with e.g. DeRozan, who can create and Ball, who got hot in the fourth quarter and can fill the state magazine in a variety of ways, shows that this Bulls team is head and shoulders above where they were a season ago.



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