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La Brea, Olive / Grand and more Alvarado coming soon – Streetsblog Los Angeles

New bus lane marking in West Los Angeles. Photos by Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.
La Brea, Olive / Grand and more Alvarado coming soon – Streetsblog Los Angeles

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The LA City Transportation Department (LADOT) and Metro continue to gradually roll out new bus-only lanes. The two agencies are partnering on a bus speeds working group that has already added new bus lanes on Flower Street, 5th Street, 6th Street, Aliso Street and Alvarado Street.

A presentation (slide, staff report) in this morning’s Metro Board Operations Committee was the first public announcement of new bus lanes scheduled for La Brea Avenue. At this meeting, Metro board members Mike Bonin, Holly Mitchell and Jacqueline Dupont-Walker all praised the relatively fast bus lanes that improve the lives of transit riders.

A new LADOT staff report (published today) provides some additional information.

Metrobus - only tracks project cards - via Metro presentation
Metrobus-only lanes project cards-via Metro presentation. (Note that the Alvarado project is only partially completed)

Below is an overview of further improvements to bus speeds coming soon to LA streets. Metro staff also said the agency is working on further improvements to bus speeds, including access to all doors and prioritization of transit signals.

Alvarado Street

In late June, Metro and the city celebrated the opening of the new bus lanes on Alvarado Street.

The segment, which opened in June, was only about 1.2 miles of the 1.6-kilometer project. It turns out that the northern part of the facility – between Highway 101 and Sunset Boulevard – is still awaiting Caltrans approval. According to Caltrans Public Information Officer Michael Comeaux, this part of Alvarado is part of State Route 2. “Currently, [Alvarado bus lanes] the project is in the design phase, ”said Comeaux, and“ design approval is Caltrans’ own responsibility. Comeaux stated that Caltrans “expects to approve the design by October”, although “the schedule may change.”

Large / Olive Couplet

Earlier this month, the Streetsblog reported that the planned Olive Street and Grand Avenue bus lanes are expected to open around November 2021. This project remains on track and should be completed by the end of the calendar year.

La Brea Avenue

Metro and LADOT schedule peak bus times of 9.9 miles from La Brea Avenue from Sunset Boulevard to Coliseum Street. The project would accelerate La Brea bus line 212, which connects to stations for the B (red) and E (Expo) lines, as well as the one under construction D (purple) railway station.

The proposed runways will only run on weekdays between 7-10 and 15-19 Metro expects the runways are likely to be implemented in the spring of 2022.

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