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Spider-Man PS4 Concept Art features an unused high-end suit and a grittier New York

Spider-Man PS4 Concept Art features an unused high-end suit and a grittier New York

Some concept art for Marvel’s Spider-Man shows Peter with a very different Advanced Suit, as well as a much gritter depiction of New York City.

While Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will return players to the role of Peter Parker in New York City, some concept art for the first game showed a much gritter city and a very different design for Spidey’s suit.

Concept art shared on Twitter depicts Peter Parker’s Spider-Man wearing a suit other than the white spider design inspired by Doctor Octavius’ notes seen in the game’s latest release. The design is closer to the more traditional look of the character, with the iconic red and blue in addition to a black spider emblem. The symbol on his chest resembles the white version, with some of the legs crossing into the blue part of the costume. The character also appears against the background of the city, which appears significantly darker and more polluted.

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The city of art is a stark contrast to the vibrant concrete jungle depicted in the last game. The image greatly underscores a busy police presence, and although this is the case with the game’s random crime events, a full procession of vehicles is only ever seen during scenes. New York City was similarly colorful under the snow-covered surroundings Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Although the game also includes side missions related to city pollution, the picture shows a New York that is dark with smog and covered in dirt. The art is more like the chaotic state of the city in the latter half of the game after the inmates’ escape from The Raft.

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The advanced suit, when it was finally realized, incorporated a giant white spider emblem due to Octavius’ suggestion that the color would help disoriented enemies during battle. This design principle can be further seen in the white accents added to Spider-Man’s wrists and knuckles, which are also absent in concept art. It’s a suggestion that seems to have stuck with Peter, as the sequel’s recent trailer shows that despite a few changes to the design, the white emblem sticks.

Although the costume in concept art never came in the final release, the game gave players a large collection of costumes. Peter’s wardrobe included original designs created exclusively by Insomniac Games, in addition to old favorites from various other Spider-Man stories taken from movies and comics. The sequel will no doubt provide a host of new outfits in preparation for Peter’s potential battle with Venom. Maybe this is not the last time fans will see the concept art suit …

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