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Mimi loves to bake at Mimi

Mimi loves to bake at Mimi

The talented team of Coogee Pavilion fine-diners channels its skills to a back-to-back sale. Arrived early for a ham and gruyere puff pastry pie, sourdough, Basque cheesecake and cheese and miso rolls.

Mediterranean accent Coogee fine diner Mimi’s and siblings Una Mas jump on the bake-sale cart this Saturday. Those living within a five-kilometer radius or area of ​​Randwick local authorities can indulge in a range of baked delicacies, crafted with the eateries led by Jordan Toft, typically paying attention to detail. There will also be a lot of goodies from the Josper grill.

Line up early (on the Mimi’s and Una Mas ramp) for ham and gruyer puff pastry; bread of Mimi’s sourdough; chocolate eclairs; Basque cheesecake; fiery pork rolls; strawberry crostata; Jimmy’s chicken paper; rhubarb and custard; and cheese and miso rolls.

From 9.30 – 13.00.

More information here.

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