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Listen to our experts: Northern Hospital Nurse

Listen to our experts: Northern Hospital Nurse

Michaela Meade

Northern Hospital’s acting head of nursing and midwife Lisa Cox wants the local community to listen to the celebrities when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine.

She said being vaccinated was society’s way of helping staff in the fight against COVID-19 /

“Our staff is resilient, but it’s taking its course,” she said.

“If you are vaccinated, you also protect everyone in the health care system.

“I am proud of what our staff do day after day [but] if we can all be vaccinated … we can start living a free life. ”

Ms Cox said the hospital is “trying to be proactive this year” to encourage people to listen to health professionals.

“We listen to our experts,” she said.

“[The vaccine is] shown, it is proven that it will reduce your risk of hospitalization, reduce your risk of ending up in the ICU.

“Talk to doctors, GPs – they are the ones who can provide the evidence.”

Ms Cox said that although the COVID-19 outbreak, which has closed metro Melbourne for the sixth time, has increased the number of COVID-19 patients, she was pleased to see that the community was still looking forward to other medical care.

“We have definitely seen a different picture this year [compared to last],” she said

“We have not seen a drop in emergency presentations – it is good to know that people will seek treatment.

“We have some really good processes [including] our virtual ED for people who do not want to present physically in the hospital, and telehealth is used a lot. ”

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