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Lady Dimitrescu Gets a Met Prom Dress in Resident Evil Village Fan Art

Lady Dimitrescu Gets a Met Prom Dress in Resident Evil Village Fan Art

Resident Evil Village fan took to Twitter to post his fan art of Lady Dimitrescu wearing a dress based on the Jennifer Lopez 2021 Met Gala look.

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village received VIP treatment in fan art depicting her in a stunning Met Gala dress. As an annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, The Met Gala attracts celebrities wearing breathtaking costumes and even a few quirky looks. The benefit of the year took place on Monday 13 September, and the participants wore costumes that showed their bid for this year’s theme “American independence”.

As the latest rate in Resident Evil franchise, Capcom’s Resident Evil Village players have controlled Ethan Winters as he tries to find his missing daughter. Along the way, he encounters mutant creatures living in a village, one of the main antagonists being Lady Alcina Dimitrescu. Lady Dimitrescu is portrayed as a tall, full-fledged vampire-like aristocratic woman and has been the subject of fan art and cosplay since her first appearance in previews and demos for the game in late 2020.

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Resident Evil Village fan BossLogic took to Twitter to post her fan art of Lady Dimitrescu wearing a very revealing modern dress. BossLogic portrayed his art as “Jenny from the village, “a play on what is without a doubt Jennifer Lopez’s most famous song” Jenny from the Block. “As can be seen from JLo’s Met Gala look in 2021, BossLogic made this reference because he modeled Lady Dimitrescu’s dress according to what Lopez wore that night. BossLogic’s Lady Dimitrescu is wearing the same dress, leather choker and silver necklace and earrings that Lopez wore during the Met Gala. Although JLo wears a brown hat similar to the one the character wears Resident Evil Village, BossLogic’s Lady Dimitrescu’s wears her own signature large, tilted brown hat and cultivates her long, sharp claws.

The aristocratic air that Ralph Lauren had designed the 2021 Met Gala outfit and its matching brown hat was probably what inspired BossLogic to base its creation on Jennifer Lopez’s outfit. The artist tagged Lopez in his fan art on Twitter, but the star has yet to respond. This is not the only Met Gala-inspired fan art coming out of this year’s fundraising event. In fact, BossLogic was also inspired by Lupita Nyong’o’s Met Gala costume to create its own version of the Marvel mutant Storm.

With the conclusion of this year’s Met Gala, fans are holding a field day with their artistic creations. As players of Resident Evil Village waiting for updates on the recently announced DLC, they can enjoy fan art. Maybe JLo will even give his seal.

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