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High COVID-19 deaths continue to be reported | News

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High COVID-19 deaths continue to be reported |  News

57 COVID-19 deaths were reported in the past week (September 8-14), the highest weekly number during this current increase in the pandemic.

That is more than tripling the 18 COVID-19 deaths reported in the previous seven days (September 1-7) and higher than the 49 announced the week before (August 23-29).

The new deaths occurred between 19 August and 13 September, and 11 (19%) of the 57 people who died were fully vaccinated. The deceased were 34 men and 23 women; 54 had underlying medical conditions, one did not, and two had medical history pending.

Of the 57 deaths, 15 were 80 years or older, 11 were in their 70s, 22 in their 60s, four in their 50s, two in their 40s and three in their 30s.

“These deaths are very unfortunate. Our condolences go to their family and friends, ”said Wilma J. Wooten, MD, MPH, County Public Health Officer. “COVID-19 vaccines are widely available and can prevent San Diegans from becoming seriously ill, being hospitalized or even worse dying.”

COVID-19: A pandemic of the unvaccinated

COVID-19 remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated in San Diego County.

According to the latest County Health and Human Services Agency COVID-19 Watch report, over 96% of admissions (2,150) and nearly 89% of deaths (208) since March 1, 2021 have occurred in people who are not fully vaccinated. By comparison, the report covering data for 9/11 shows that 75 or 3.4% of the fully vaccinated San Diegans have required hospitalization and 11.1% or 26 died.

Furthermore, 81.3% (65,635) of COVID-19 cases occurred in San Diegans who were not fully vaccinated compared to 19.7% (15,138) cases in people who were fully vaccinated.

In the last 30 days, 21,741 cases and 548 admissions (2.5% of the total number) occurred in those who were not fully vaccinated, compared to 5,587 cases and only nine admissions (0.2 percent of the total) for them who are fully vaccinated.

“Although we have seen a greater number of breakthrough infections, almost all deaths and hospitalizations occur in San Diegans that are not fully vaccinated,” Wooten said. “The COVID-19 vaccine is the best tool we have to get out of this pandemic. Protect yourself and others. Get vaccinated now. ”

Free COVID-19 vaccines are widely available in the region. They can be found at medical providers, retail pharmacies, local clinics and public health centers in County for people who do not have a doctor. For a list of locations and more information, visit

Advances in vaccination:

Cases, case rates and tests:

  • 742 COVID-19 cases were reported to the county on 14 September. The region’s total is now 346,934.
  • San Diego County Cases Per. 100,000 residents are a total of 33.6, 13.9 for fully vaccinated and 59.3 for non-fully vaccinated San Diegans.
  • 17,728 tests were reported to the county on September 14, and the percentage of new positive cases was 4.2%.
  • The 14-day rolling percentage of positive cases among tests is 4.5%.

Outbreaks in Community settings:

  • 56 new community outbursts were confirmed over the last seven days (September 8 to September 4): 18 in TK-12 classroom settings, 10 in business settings, eight in restaurant / bar settings, four in faith-based settings, three in distribution storage settings, three in government settings, two in restaurant settings, two in hotel / resort / spa settings, one in a gym / gym, one in an emergency, one in a daycare / preschool / childcare setting, one in health care, one in a retail setting and one in a day camp.
  • Community outbreaks trigger more than seven in a 7-day period.

More information:

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