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First look at ‘Numina’: A wonderland filled with bizarre creatures and amazing scenes Opens at ‘Convergence Station’ in Denver

First look at ‘Numina’: A wonderland filled with bizarre creatures and amazing scenes Opens at ‘Convergence Station’ in Denver


#immerende #installation #sculpture #surrealistic #video

September 16, 2021

Grace Ebert

Between a two-story metal ship, gnarled trees teeming with strangely colored bogs and lichen, and stunning creatures, the eccentric works of art that make up the new space at. Convergence Station by Meow Wolf (formerly) competes with them in even the most distinctive sci-fi universe. The immersive, swamp-like installation called “Numina” or the spirit of the place is one of the anchors of the Santa Fe-based company’s latest venture, featuring more than 70 installations by 300 artists spread over four floors. Four years in the making, Convergence Station opens Sept. 17 in Denver.

“Numina” is accessible through a series of secret portals and wormholes and scales 35 feet into the air and is designed as a multi-sensory experience that invites visitors to interact with their unearthly surroundings. When someone speaks to one of the four glowing creatures that look like e.g. Sea urchins, the shapes twist and spew that echo sound across the room. The color-changing “Fairie Orbs” sing and vibrate in the same way with intonations when a person passes by, and “Frog Egg Garden” emits kaleidoscopic lights and quiet sounds when activated with touch.

All images © Meow Wolf, shared with permission

The extraordinary, hand-built project, which extends over three levels, is a testament to the team’s love of detail and ability to melt seemingly different reference materials into surrealistic sculptures with different colors, textures and shapes. The wood-like structural elements, for example, are wrapped in countless folds that artists modeled after the wrinkled skin of hairless cats, while pieces like “Toad Piggies” are hybrid creations and “Nudibranches” exaggerate real-life striking bodies of mollusks by stretching them to seven feet. “Some ‘flowers’ were inspired by jellyfish, and some ‘jellyfish’ look more like flowers,” says Caity Kennedy, the project’s creative director and co-founder of Meow Wolf.

Although individual artists retained control of much of what they created — the expansiveness of this collaborative approach is part of what makes “Numina” so uniquely large and diverse — Kennedy tells the Colossal that she drew on the more bizarre works rather than whimsical, adventurous style pieces. “It’s an interesting challenge to play with the balance between comfort and discomfort, to build a space that is welcoming, but sometimes uncomfortable, to make people feel both safe and adventurous at the same time,” she shares. “There are so many things I could point out … Look for the sundial! Find zoetropen! Point that kind of mollusk orchid / telescopic animal at the stars! Find the Leomies Field Notebook in the library! ”

Tickets are on sale now to visit Convergence Station personally. Otherwise, you can watch the video tour above for a more in-depth look at the unreal wonderland.

#immerende #installation #sculpture #surrealistic #video

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