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Community Commentary on Carolyn Clifford & Book Campaign

Community Commentary on Carolyn Clifford & Book Campaign

WXYZ DETROIT – This is a great time to catch up on our community comments. Our Channel 7 editorial staff about our “If You Give a Child a Book” campaign was asked Douglas Moore writing:

“Thanks to WXYZ and the Scripps Howard Foundation for being the driving force behind such a life-changing community project. We will reap our rewards when these young readers succeed! ”

Another viewer said:

“The simplest campaigns are the best campaigns. Spend $ 5 on a good book and see the excitement in a child’s eyes. ”

Lesli flores

But most of the feedback from viewers we received was in response to our editorial staff congratulating our very own Carolyn Clifford on being inducted into the Michigan Association of Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame.

Tanya Lomax shared his excitement with a word, “Woohoo!”

Former Channel 7 news producer Colleen Clement sent this comment:

“Congratulations, Carolyn! You definitely deserved it! ”

Michelle Donaldson said:

“So happy on your behalf, Carolyn! You deserve this. ”

TV-7 sees Odell Jones posted an animated congratulations Gif on Facebook, adding:

“Hard work pays off. So well deserved… young lady. We are very, very proud of you.”

Another viewer wrote:

“You deserve it. You worked hard for your achievement and success.”

Tammy Booker

Carolyn Lear added this comment:

“I moved home to my roots (in) Mississippi, but I still love seeing you. Continue the good work.”

Former Channel 7 employee Aletha Rideout said:

“So well deserved. So late. Bravo. ”

And there was a bunch of TV-7 viewers saying, “Congratulations!”

So my friend and colleague, with open arms, welcomes us to this special MAB club!

I’m Chuck Stokes, editor-in-chief
Broadcast: 16 – 19 September 2021


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