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The Raiders failed to provide damage update in the game to Mario Mariota

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders
The Raiders failed to provide damage update in the game to Mario Mariota

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The Raiders did not fail to disclose the Clelin Ferrell back injury before Monday night’s game against the Ravens. During the competition, however, the Raiders failed to disclose quarterback Marcus Mariota’s injury in the game.

Mariota came in for a moment, ran the ball 31 yards and went. Coach Jon Gruden told reporters on Tuesday that Mariota had been injured. The Raiders told no one during the game that Mariota was injured.

“Club staff are responsible for reporting damage information in the game factually and accurately as quickly as possible for the benefit of the network TV audience and the other media covering our game,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy explained via email to PFT Tuesday. “To ensure that fans in the stadium have access to the same information, these damage updates must also be posted on the stadium’s video boards, scoreboards or tape boards. The damage updates in the game must be spread simultaneously to all parties-network TV broadcast, the media in the press box and the fans in the stadium. . . . Injury messages in the game to the media must be specific to a body part, accurate and updated as warranted, including any changes in the player’s status for the remainder of the game if his status changes after the first report. ”

With the proliferation of legalized sports betting (and the NFL’s arrival at the place where sports betting has been legal for decades), this is not a small issue. Full transparency becomes critical when it comes to player injuries and the league cannot afford to look the other way.

In 2018, the Raiders were fined $ 20,000 for not downgrading offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele from questionable to out, as he did not travel with the team to a road game against the Chargers. Based on a lack of information about an injury to Mariota that was clearly injured, the Raiders could possibly make another involuntary contribution to a charity of the NFL’s choice.

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