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Simpsons season 32 sets Disney + release date

Simpsons season 32 sets Disney + release date

Simpson’s season 32 is expected to arrive at Disney + later this month, bringing the total number of streaming episodes to over 700.

With the upcoming addition of The Simpsons‘latest season for Disney +, the streaming service will offer over 700 episodes of the series from September 29th.

The milestone is marked in video form as a minute-long promo clip landed online to celebrate the expected occasion. The longest-running animated television show in American history will see its 32nd season mounted alongside its predecessors on the digital platform at the end of the month, making the total number of streamable episodes a solid 705.

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Driving home to the point that Disney + is the only service that offers the complete collection of Matt Groening’s usual creation, the teaser is zipped through clips of the show and short, clear titles with info. To further commemorate the event, the streamer will allow each user to select one of eight custom avatars with which to update their profile, including Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Krusty The Clown, Ralph Wiggum, and Dr. Who. Hibbert.

Disney + also offers streaming The Simpsons movie as well as shorts The longest day care, Playdate With Destiny, The power wakes up from its nap and The Good, Bart and The Loki. The service was launched in November 2019 and boasts a wide range of content, thanks in part to Disney’s acquisition of Fox and its extensive movie and television libraries earlier this year. The acquisition came ten years after Disney acquired Marvel and about seven years since it bought Lucasfilm in 2012.

Season 1-31 of The Simpsons are currently available on Disney +, with season 32 arriving on September 29th. The Simpsons Season 33 premieres Sunday, September 26 on Fox.

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