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NSW fate key for Canberra leaves lockdown

NSW fate key for Canberra leaves lockdown

The success of the COVID-19 vaccine program in NSW will have a decisive impact on the reopening of ACT.

Canberra is set to remain under coronavirus lockdown restrictions until national vaccination thresholds of between 70 and 80 percent are reached.

The ACT is expected to reach this level of coverage shortly before other jurisdictions and the nation at large.

But Prime Minister Andrew Barr does not want to start reopening until other parts of the country are better protected.

“We are an island jurisdiction within NSW with no capacity to have hard borders. So we also need the people who come to the city to be vaccinated as well,” he told reporters.

“We anticipate that restrictions will gradually change as we transition through these vaccination phases in October and November, subject to the possibility that they may need to be adjusted to respond to the increased risk of COVID-19 spread.”

Canberra’s lockdown, originally scheduled for seven days, has extended to nine weeks until October 15.

This is due to the situation in NSW as well as continued non-linked infections on the territory and cases that are not in quarantine all the time.

There were 13 new cases, eight linked and five in the community at some point while contagious, Wednesday.

More than 50 percent of residents aged 12 and older are double-dosed, with 75 percent partially vaccinated.

Barr had greater ceilings for the number of people allowed to gather outdoors, and the gradual reintroduction of home visits from later in October if it was to go well.

Density limits for one person per Four square meters would apply to businesses. This would then change to one person per. Two square meters.

Venues that are considered higher risk would remain closed or face greater restrictions for an extended period of time.


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