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End polls in the California government. Newsom remembers election support for Covid restrictions

End polls in the California government.  Newsom remembers election support for Covid restrictions

Prior to the closing of opinion polls in the California recall election, in which voters decide whether to remove Democratic Govin Gavin Newsom from office, NBC News’ exit polls found support for the Covid mitigation measures he introduced in the state.

The unusual recall called whether Newsom should be removed from office and gave voters who wanted to see him rejected the choice of 46 alternatives. The polling stations close at 20.00 PT.

Frustration with Covid-19 restrictions helped remember organizers gather the roughly 1.5 million signatures they needed to force the vote. But Newsom ended up backing his support for masks and vaccines, and mandates the final argument for his campaign, warning that a Republican replacement would regret his health restrictions if elected.

A poll by NBC News showed that voters were likely to agree with Newsom on public health measures by a majority or 45 percent, saying Newsom’s Covid policies are right compared to 32 percent who said the measures are too strict. Another 17 percent said they are not strict enough.

NBC News’ exit polls from early election and election day voters found that 69 percent support Newsom’s mandate requiring students to wear face masks in schools, and 63 percent say being vaccinated against coronavirus is more about a “public health responsibility” than a “personal choice.”

Newsom has been weighed down by a wide range of issues facing the state, but those who voted for and against remembering the Democrat had differing views on which issues were most important, according to the NBC News exit poll.

Among voters seeking Newsom removed, the economy was the top issue for 26 percent of them, followed by homelessness, which was the top issue for 23 percent of those in favor of recall. Crime was the top issue for 18 percent, and the Covid pandemic for 15 percent, according to the exit poll.

The pandemic was the top problem for those who wanted to keep Newsom in office, with 42 percent citing it as their biggest problem. It was followed by homelessness, cited by 22 percent, forest fires by 18 percent, the economy by 9 percent and crime by 2 percent.

Democrats were concerned weeks ago when Democratic voter enthusiasm appeared to be low but grew hopeful as recent polls showed more voters were paying attention.

Every registered vote in the state was sent to a postal vote, and millions have already returned theirs, but it may still take several days before the result is clear if the race is close, as officials count votes from people who voted personally on election day -vote as well as mail polls that arrive late.

Early returns are likely to look artificially blue, as Democratic voters often like to vote early in the mail, while many Republicans wanted to wait to vote on election day.

The two-question vote first asked voters whether Newsom should be removed from office and then, if so, who should replace him with controversial conservative radio host Larry Elder, who heads the crowded field of potential replacements.

If the first question succeeds, the one who wins the most votes on the second question will become governor.

When opinion polls showed Newsom was likely to survive the recall, Republicans began sowing unfounded seeds of doubt about the integrity of the vote, with former President Donald Trump calling the vote “rigged” and the Elderly Campaign promoting a site claiming it had found results in fraud , before it was even released.

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