HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY… | Motivation A Game Changer

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY… | Motivation A Game Changer

I am a woman I am proud to be

My qualities you have to see

I am an artist of my life

Today I will not add surname and claim his wife

Every female has her own spotlight

You have won your battle and you fight

You should be glowing

By now people should be knowing.

Give credit to yourself

Oh you did it all, with no help

Pamper yourself and take the credit

Don’t give your feeling passbook for any debit

Wear the clothes you want to wear

Don’t be caged by any command just dare

It was you who made a home

You walked on your path which no one had shone

Yes the other day people mocked

But you proved them wrong and you rocked

Policies were made for only you

No, short clothes, no this, no that you always knew

But still you flew so high

These man took a big sigh

Incredibly, adorned win a crown

Your lovely self as you walked in a gown

No more proving yourself to the world

Hey you are by yourself you need your help

And women empowerment

You have a full time engagement

God made you with qualities of love, sacrifice and being selfless

But with your qualities you made him jobless

Be confident, smart, give your life a toss

Be your own boss.

Be your own boss.


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