Yellowjackets Sophie Thatcher is set to star in Stephen King’s The Boogeyman

Sophie Thatcher, Yellowjackets, Stephen King, Boogeyman

Sophie Thatcher has had a hell of a year. After breaking out thanks to her roles in Yellowjackets and The book about Boba Fett, Deadline has reported that Sophie Thatcher is set to star in Boogeyman for 20th Century Studios.

Boogeyman is based on the short story by Stephen King and was first published as part of The change of night in 1978. It is about a man who tells a psychiatrist how each of his children had been killed by a sadistic presence. That Boogeyman the film will move things up a bit as Sophie Thatcher has to play a teenage girl who is “She is still in doubt about their mother’s tragic death, being plagued with her brother by a sadistic presence in their house and struggling to get their grieving father to pay attention before it’s too late.“In addition to Sophie Thatcher, That Boogeyman will also play Chris Messina (Sharp objects). Rob Savage (Host) will direct Boogeyman from a manuscript by Mark Heyman, with the original drafts written by Scott Beck & Bryan Woods and Akela Cooper. Production is expected to begin next month, and the film will premiere on Hulu.

As I mentioned above, Sophie Thatcher is among the ensemble crew Yellowjackets on Showtime, a thriller series about a group of high school students in 1996, whose planes crash into the Canadian desert and are left to fend for themselves for nineteen months. The series also follows the lives of today for those who survived. It was a huge success for Showtime and was renewed for another season last month. Thatcher also recorded Brash That Book by Boba Fett, the leader of a group of cyborgs who end up working for Boba Fett. As for Chris Messina, he was seen in the lead role alongside Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage in I really care about and will next be seen in the Sean Penn’s Watergate series Gaslit who will make his debut at Starz later this year.

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