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Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office Responds to Book Burning Event Promoted on Facebook | Education

Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office and Fire Department will maintain a presence at the next school board meeting in response to a book-burning event planned by a local Facebook group, Sheriff's Office spokesman Troy Skebo said Wednesday. The anonymously run site Spotsy 411 aired the event on November 22, urging Spotsylvania parents

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Review finds that a third of parliamentarians experience sexual harassment

One in three people working in parliament has experienced some form of sexual harassment there, according to a review of workplace culture triggered by accusations of rape by Brittany Higgins.Key points:The survey found that 51 percent of workers experienced at least one incident of bullying, sexual harassment or actual or

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Maintenance workers locked out of DuPont plant in Chesterfield after union negotiations stalled; some members of Congress are concerned | Local business news

Negotiations started in August for a new three-year contract, Gray said. The original contract was extended, but then expired on October 7 without an agreement. The lockout started the day after, and employees have been without pay since Oct. 11, Gray said.Among the topics in the negotiations is

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