Servo plotter do not need anything exotic

Although the widespread use of 3D printers has made things like linear bearings and lead screws more common, you still can not run down to your local hardware store and get them. However, you can get drawers and any hobby shop can sell you some RC servos. That and an Arduino can make a simple and easy plotter. Just ask [JimRD]. You can also see it do its thing in the video below.

Of course, servos are usually not what you use in a plotter. But the sliders convert the rotation of the servo to linear motion. A servo for X and one for Y is all you need. Another micro servo lifts the pen up and down using a hinge you can also get from a hardware store.

Is it beautiful? No. Does it make great art? No, again. But it’s the kind of thing you could probably throw away from things you happen to have hanging around, especially if you’re throwing an old desk or closet with slides in the trash.

This would be a great rainy day project. We are suckers for simple plotter projects, even if you could just pair a pen to your 3D printer or CNC machine. However, they do not fit your board.

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