HFPA is unable to secure well-known speakers for the upcoming 2022 Golden Globes


The Golden Globes are just around the corner and it looks like the celebs they pay homage to are ‘just not that crazy about you’. This is a case where it’s not me, it’s you.

HFPA is unable to secure well-known speakers for the upcoming 2022 Golden Globes
Image credit: Michael Buckner for Variety

The widespread money laundering of the Golden Globe range has come to a head as celebrities turn away one by one for the previously prestigious honor of presenting or winning a Golden Globe. With years of dissatisfaction from the working creatives of Hollywood due to the unfair nominations that turned a blind eye to all the poc created shows and movies. Variety first broke the news when their journalists received a copy of an email from Globe’s talent booker, which was sent to several advertising agencies to inquire about their clients attending the show. However, Variety’s sources say no celebrities have agreed to attend. From the email, Variety also found out that no details were given on how the winners will be revealed or where the Globes will take place. “The event will have limited guests and with strict COVID protocols that include not only proof of full vaccination, but also a booster shot and a negative PCR test,” the email reads. The Globes plans to move on with their release date of January 9, but not much else is known at this time.

Tell us what you think. Do you think the HFPA will really be able to repair their broken relationship with the creatives in Hollywood? We always go for change, but we hope to see everyone worthy of a nomination, included, regardless of race, orientation or anything else. Awards should always be about talent and creative execution. NBC canceled the annual broadcast this year after the HFPA came under fire due to a lack of diversity among its members and unethical business practices. Since then, 21 new members have been added to help diversify the organization, and new bylaws have been adopted.

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