‘Fresh & Fit’ Podcast address resurfaced clips about dating black women

Indenet talked about the Asian Dolls appearance on the ‘Fresh & Fit’ podcast all day after several controversial things occurred. With all eyes on the podcast, Twitter brought an old clip of Myron Gaines and his co-host Walter Weekes discussing why they do not date black women, as the Asian Dolls name trended. Several people were upset and said that the men were colorists, among other things. The men decided to clean the air and went live on YouTube for hours to show what happened before the Asian Doll arrived, along with other things.

Myron showed footage from last night and explained that he asked the women in the show to stop having sidebar conversations about 6 or 7 times calmly before the situation escalated. In addition, he explained that even though the altercation happened with the rapper before it took place, her manager was present. When Asian arrived, they showered her with hospitality and even asked her to join her music.

While Myron was almost done making his point, one of his female guests asked him to address the resurgent clip of not dating black women. Myron was clear and stated that no race is forbidden to discuss and be made fun of in the show. The host certainly said that the podcast is not politically correct and they do not care what people think. Myron also explained his views on having a preference. While the conversation continued, both men said they did not have a problem with black women.

However, Myron, who is of Sudanese descent, said he would not marry a Sudanese woman. Walter (wearing the black shirt and silver necklace) explained that he is used to dating white women and that is his preference. In addition, the men agreed that the incident with the Asian Doll was a misunderstanding and that they had nothing against the rapper. Roomies, drop a comment and let us know what you think about this!

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