Entering the Unknown: Crowdfunding Options

As the end of the year approaches, the desire to examine and confront the unknown or the unknown parts of our lives comes to mind. When it comes to moving into a new moment, there is a tendency to understand ourselves, connect with others, and gain a sense of belonging in that moment of change. We tend to want clear answers and mapped plans, but instead we often get difficult decisions, confusion, or a path without an obvious route.

In this month’s crowdfunding election, three projects bring to light the internal struggles that face us at different times in life, focusing on how we learn to understand ourselves in unknown or changed spaces as well as in the midst of change. These choices offer a variety of personal journeys through unknown territory – and evaluate what we choose to trust, how we accept change, and how we keep moving forward. Although these narratives are vastly different, they are all based on the power of connection and a search for belonging in moments of uncertainty.

Annabelle Santino’s “Best Bid” provides a different lens to the stoner-comedy genre: it centers the voice of a teenage girl navigating the teen’s social hierarchy and finding true friendship in the midst of a quest for popularity. “The Space Between,” by Nadia Fortini, breaks down the definitions of home by following an international student as she prepares to enter post-degree life, reflecting on her priorities during a recent trip around New York. Kathy E. Mitrani’s “Tal Para Cual” dives into the subject of the mysterious unknown through the recent widow Marisol and her mourning process.

Here are Women and Hollywood’s latest crowdfunding choices.

“Best Bid” (Short) – Directed by Annabelle Santino

Annabelle Santino’s short film redefines the stone comrade from an angle not yet seen. After receiving an invitation to a party hosted by the richest girl in the school, Olivia, a teenage girl desperately trying to be accepted by the popular crowd, attends in hopes of being attached to these new, so-called friends. Her efforts to fit in with these people consistently fail all night until her best friend Izzy crashes the party. Olivia feels divided as both of her worlds collide – the one with Izzy, where she already fits in, and the one she so desperately wants to be included in.

Despite the internal conflict, the bond between Izzy and Olivia is undoubtedly stronger, and the comfort of being with her best friend gives Olivia’s character a new liveliness. After a smoke break, some chaos ensues for the two best friends, but that quickly changes as the host of the party kicks Izzy out. When Izzy is gone and Olivia is alone again, the Kickstarter page explains that she “realizes that a true best friend is more valuable than countless fake friends. Like a little good weed goes much further than a lot of shitty weeds. ” Olivia leaves to share a laugh and a joint with Izzy outside.

Santino’s goal here is to show a new take on this comedy subgenre that has been dominated by men’s perspective. This tale incorporates the greetings of classic rock humor into a story of true friendship. It requires new social frameworks with superficial connections to show Olivia how special her dynamics with Izzy are.

Learn more about “Best Bids” and donate on Kickstarter.

“The Space Between” (Map) – Written and directed by Nadia Fortini

This short film follows Zuza, an international student, the day after her last college party in New York City, just a few hours before she returned to Poland. With limited time left before she leaves town, Zuza must find her missing bag and discuss the future with her best friend, Jo, who confesses her romantic feelings for Zuza during the search. Jo offers her a way to stay in the United States: a green card marriage. But Zuza does not share Jo’s feelings.

Zuza struggles with the limitations of the decision and feels trapped between these options. The film offers a new take on what it means to define a place as “home”, and the implications of it when one is not from the place that feels most like a home. After leaving a life that feels incomplete, Zuza knows that New York is the place she wants to be. But she is aware of not only the difficulties of trying to stay, but also the consequences of the opportunities she has if she stays.

Fortini explains the importance of telling a story that is typically not known by people outside of circumstances like Zuzas. According to the Seed & Spark page, ‘The Space Between’ highlights a lot of nuances that are unknown to most American viewers, including the difficulties that international students face in studying in the United States and the struggles they go through trying to maintain. life in more than one place. “By highlighting the range of elements included in this type of experience, the short story offers viewers a new take on a more familiar story of the transition from student to post-graduate life.

Learn more about “The Space Between” and donate at Seed & Spark.

“Tal Para Cual” – Written and directed by Kathy E. Mitrani

This short film explores the grief of the newlywed widow Marisol and how her feelings are expressed in her Miami neighborhood. Marisol regains his divination powers and is convinced that they are a gift from the dead after a neighbor’s construction has uncovered a cemetery. Marisol’s grief becomes her power as she comes to her right in this new chapter of life and finds a purpose in her community. At the same time, while Marisol believes the dead gave her her talents back, her neighbor Flor is convinced that the dead cursed her.

This project follows both Marisol and Flor as they struggle with death and understand their roles in their community. At the forefront of this narrative are losses, something that is universal – death is inevitable – but the reactions to it are completely individual and extremely personal. Marisol turns to its craft to get in touch with itself again and to find a sense of purpose in its neighborhood.

Mitrani’s motivation for this project is to capture grief within the lens of a specific space, to portray the way loss and superstition unite in this Latinx society. She explained on the Seed & Spark page: “What I have learned is that we all react differently to grief. Some of us are paralyzed by it, some of us deny it and some of us are inspired by it. Seeing the matriarch in my family fearlessly admiring life despite the aftermath of the loss inspired me. Their love of life is contagious and this film is an ode to them. ” The project aims to celebrate the new life that arises from loss and the way grief embodies something different for everyone.

Learn more about “Tal Para Cual” and donate at Seed & Spark.

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