Blacklist 2021: Lily Hollanders’ “See how they run” receives the second most votes

2021 Black List has arrived. With 73 scripts and 71 writers / writing teams, the 17th annual list was decided by votes from more than 375 filmmakers and highlights the most popular unproduced scripts circulating in Hollywood.

With number 2 totaling 32 votes, the woman-written manuscript that gets the most votes is Lily Hollander’s “See How They Run,” the story of a blind mother who moves into a remote farmhouse with her young daughter. “The mystery of the home’s former occupants intrudes on her attempt to repair their relationship,” its logline suggests.

Manuscripts from women also claimed the # 3 and # 4 spots on the list: Rebecca Webbs’ “Divorce Party” and Lillian Yu’s “Killer Instinct,” respectively. “Divorce Party,” which received 25 votes, is about a woman who moves from South Boston to New York’s Upper East Side until everything goes awry. Her girlfriends are holding her a divorce party in the home she is about to lose, a celebration that totally goes off track. “Killer Instinct”, the recipient of 23 votes, centers on a Hollywood assistant who gets fired while admitting while at a conference call that he would love to kill his boss – and the next day finds his boss death in the office.

Other high-profile offers include Michelle Askew’s “Hot Girl Summer” and Shanrah Wakefield’s “Rabbit Season,” both of which received 13 votes. The former follows a 13-year-old girl who witnesses a drug deal gone wrong and as a result finds herself in the middle of an underground drug ring, and the latter is a supernatural horror story about a woman who is persecuted by a manifestation of manhood on her walk home from his high school reunion.

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Sophie Hunter’s “Headhunter,” the story of a “high-performing cannibal” who “selects his victims based on their Instagram popularity but finds his habits shaken by a man who wants to be eaten,” topped last year’s list.

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