a recipe for healthy schools [PODCAST]

“Six air shifts per hour and HEPA quality indoor air filtration for our children are an investment in their future long after the COVID-19 pandemic disappears. We know there is poor indoor air quality in several schools, from inadequate ventilation to air pollution to smoke from forest fires.Children learn better and have less absence in healthy air.COVID-19 has just added fuel to the fire.Let this be a torch to light our way to healthy indoor air – starting right now.

Most importantly, we need to ensure that this opportunity is available to all children, especially those who have often been left behind in this pandemic. Heartbreakingly enough, there are children who never logged on last year or showed up at school, and who may have families who are afraid to send them this year. Federal funds are available from the COVID-19 relief bills to ensure that we can provide this relief even to already financially distressed schools. Nothing will ever make our children completely safe, which is the enduring pain of being a parent. But they deserve a school year personally, if possible, and we as adults in their lives should do our best to make sure they get it.

Do not buy your children’s teachers apples this year. Get them some HEPA filters. “

Erika Maria Moseson is a pulmonologist and emergency physician.

She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, “Clearing the Air That Our Kids Share: A Recipe for Healthy Schools.”

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