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Law de Blasio wants to get lethal drivers from NYC streets depending on honor system

Law de Blasio wants to get lethal drivers from NYC streets depending on honor system

He takes their word for it.

The much-delayed law Mayor Bill de Blasio knocks on to stop future dangerous drivers before another child is tragically knocked down requires only the most dangerous motorists to “self-report” violations of road safety laws after completing mandatory classes The Post has learned .

Contract documents for the $ 2.8 million pilot program require that potential providers only “[r]e-contact class participants to self-report behavior 1-3 months after taking the class. ”

The Department of Transportation chose to only require self-reporting, although the city bureaucracy already maintains a comprehensive and regularly updated database of driving spotters blowing past speed cameras or driving red lights.

City Hall was ordered by city council legislation that required driving courses to keep track of how many drivers commit another offense afterwards as a way to track whether the program works, even though the law does not specify how the DOT should collect the data.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had said state law was too lax when it came to dangerous motorists.
Richard Drew / AP

“The city should control and not just take a person’s word for it,” said Marco Conner DiAquoi, deputy director of Transportation Alternatives, a group that supports stricter driving laws to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. “It almost seems like common sense, the city has the data, they can easily match the license plates.”

“You want to know the extent to which the program works and you want the best possible data to inform it,” he added.

The law requires motorists who blow past speed cameras in school zones five or more times in a year to take dangerous driving classes. Motorists who drove with red lights checked by cameras 15 or more times in a year must also sign up.

The measure, led by Councilman Brad Lander (D-Brooklyn), puts teeth into the requirement by allowing officials to seize and seize the cars of drivers who do not comply with them.

De Blasio enacted the law in February 2020 – but his administration only approved the contract to start offering tuition on Tuesday, a delay of almost 18 months.

Brad Lander backs a law that would include cars of drivers not following the measure.
Brad Lander backs a law that would include cars of drivers not following the measure.
Paul Martinka

Hizzoner tried to blame COVID and an unnamed city contractor for the delays Thursday.

“It was one of those things that was put on hold because we did not believe that we would be able to do personal classes and because we stopped a lot of spending areas because we had a very very terrible situation, “de Blasio said, referring to the budget crisis of 2020, in which spending was cut from an expected $ 95 billion to $ 88 billion.

DOT officials said they moved the program internally after failing to resolve an unspecified dispute with the original provider, the National Center for Civic Innovation, which is part of the New York Foundation.

Contract documents released in the City Record show that officials had scheduled a Tuesday hearing to approve the $ 2.8 million contract with the New York Foundation, which ran in 2023.

It was not clear whether the contract was jerked off before the meeting.

Pedestrian and bicycle activists have hammered Hizzoner over holdup after the tragic hit-and-run death of a three-month-old in Brooklyn. The baby’s mother was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Police arrested Tyrik Mott for the fatal accident after he tried to flee the scene by stealing another vehicle.

Mott’s Honda had been hit with 160 speeding and traffic tickets before the fatal collision, well past the threshold of joining the class – and lost his car if he did not.

In response to questions from The Post, DOT officials declined to provide further information about the dispute with the Fund for New York or to elaborate on why they chose self-reporting over control of existing city records of traffic violations.


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