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Graham told Trump that Trumpism ‘will die’ if the GOP loses in 2022: Book

Graham told Trump that Trumpism ‘will die’ if the GOP loses in 2022: Book

  • Graham told Trump he could be a key figure in a 2022 GOP resurgence, a new book says.
  • During a call, Graham said the former president’s legacy will be linked to GOP fortunes in Congress.
  • “If we do not win in 2022, we are sad,” the senator stressed before driving into Biden.

When Republicans lost control of the Senate after the double election in Georgia earlier this year, they faced a total democratic control of the government – with President Joe Biden pushing an ambitious agenda that was diametrically different from the conservative policies of former President Donald Trump led.

In late June, when Democrats had already passed a gigantic $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill that was strongly opposed by conservatives, Senator Lindsey Graham spoke with Trump over the phone about the significance of Republican victories in 2022, according to a new book by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, an early copy of which was obtained by Insider.

Although Trump has not yet formally announced whether he will run for president in 2024, Graham said the former president’s legacy is tied to the party regaining control of Congress, according to an exchange Woodward and Costa described in “Danger.”

“You can sue Biden better than anyone else,” the South Carolina Republican said according to the book. “But you can not do that and complain about losing at the same time. The media is not your friend. They are going to take the waste line you give in a speech about 2020, and it just obliterates all the other things you say about, how Biden is driving the country in the wrong direction. “

Graham told Trump that if he could help Republicans win the handful of seats needed to take control of Parliament and retrieve the necessary seat, put the party back in control of the Senate, then it would help his legacy and give him renewed political capital.

“If we come back in 2022 and resume the House and take the Senate back, you will get your fair share of credit,” the senator said according to the book. “If we do not manage to take Parliament and the Senate back in 2022, I think Trumpism will die. January 6 will be your obituary.”

He stressed: “If we do not win in 2022, we are sad.”

Graham went on to criticize what he believed were Biden-led political failures — from migration at the U.S.-Mexico border to inflation — while calling Trump by telling him he could be a driver for the party’s potential victories in 2022 prior to a 2024 bid.

“Mr. President, the greatest comeback in American history is possible,” Graham said according to the book. “You have been written off as dead because of January 6. The conventional wisdom is that the Republican Party under your leadership has collapsed. If you as a party leader could lead us to a victory in 2022 and you came back to take It White House, that would be the biggest comeback in American history. “

Trump possesses a deep reservoir of support among social conservatives and has continued to throw his support behind GOP candidates across the country. But with a congressional committee currently investigating the deadly Capitol riots on January 6, his actions that day and those of the Allies as California House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – hoping to become a midterm speaker – will continue to be investigated in the lead-up to the election.

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