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Shelly Glover, Heather Stefanson will be two candidates for PC party leadership – Winnipeg

Shelly Glover, Heather Stefanson will be two candidates for PC party leadership – Winnipeg

Manitoba will soon have its first female premiere.

The PC Party Leadership Committee says they have finished reviewing all applications for the leadership race that will take place next month.

Shelly Glover and Heather Stefanson are the only candidates to qualify for the leadership competition.

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“This is a rigorous application process that includes a wide range of factors, all of which have been carefully considered,” said George Orle, chairman of the committee.

“It’s an exciting time for us to engage Manitobans in choosing the next premier in Manitoba, and we look forward to an enthusiastic campaign.”

Previously announced candidates Shannon Martin and Ken Lee are not on the ballot. Martin bowed out Wednesday night, and while Lee said he made a bid Wednesday, it appears he has not been successful.

Martin said in social media posts that his bid to become leader has “fallen short”, but congratulated his team on the work they have done over the past few weeks.

“I really enjoy being an MLA, even a hind leg,” he wrote. “It was a matter of principle. It was my belief that we should map out a new path.

“I’m good,” he added, noting that he would turn off his phone for the next three days.

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Meanwhile, Lee, the PC party’s former chief financial officer, said he sold enough party members to bid for leadership.

He announced Wednesday night after the race registration deadline at. 17.00.

“There is a prominent belief in Canada that the Charter of Rights and Public Health Act has been used by governments to justify the erosion of our freedoms,” he said.

“I think now is the time for changes in Manitoba’s political leadership.”

Lee said in his release that he is against vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination as a job requirement.

However, his name did not appear on the ballot paper.

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The party says Glover and Stefanson both met the party’s entry requirements, which include submitting 1,000 new or renewed memberships, obtaining nomination signatures from 50 good-status party members and a $ 25,000 fee.

The party’s release Thursday said the candidates should also “participate in an interview process to ensure a commitment to the party’s principles and values.”

Former Premier Brian Pallister resigned earlier this month and triggered the leadership vote, which is set to take place on October 30.

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