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Shawn Johnson East has an honest response to fans who think she makes it look easy: ‘Moming Is Hard’

Shawn Johnson East has an honest response to fans who think she makes it look easy: ‘Moming Is Hard’

Olympian Shawn Johnson East admits “mother guilt” in a completely relatable Instagram post.

“Just one of those mornings,” the gold medalist wrote for a photo of her son Jett, whom she welcomed in July with her husband Andrew East, on Instagram Stories. “Mom’s sake caused by … Drew would not eat, would be held because I was breastfeeding brother, did not like her clothes, would play in mom’s closet when we had to leave… All the things and my patience was very thin. “The East also shares the daughter Drew Hazel, who is almost 2.

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She added: “I had a meltdown this morning. Mother’s fault, wife’s fault (when mother fault hits … I get hard to be around so I get nervous with the hubs) … just ventilate because I read all these ‘you make it look easy’ messages , who are so sweet but just know, like everyone who happens hard days. Momming is hard. ”

East’s confession shines a light on “mother’s guilt,” the troubled feeling that mothers never do enough between work, caring for the home, and their children. And the COVID-19 pandemic has put additional stress on parents, especially mothers, according to research from the University of Notre Dame. In short, mothers felt guilty no matter what they did; father did not, ”noted study author Abigail Ocobock. “In the rare cases where Dad started taking most of the parenting and school work (typically because they had more flexible or lighter work requirements), mothers felt very guilty and owed it. More often, mothers felt guilty, even though they were already doing most of the parenting and school work; it was never enough… ”

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East has been honest about her stress since taking on Jett. “Obviously life is a little more chaotic, but we’re in heaven as a family of four,” the former gymnast told SheKnows in July. “We take this time to be together and would not want it any other way. It’s hard to imagine life any other way! ”

The athlete also shared his struggles with breastfeeding, “There is always one feed a day where he seems super hungry and gives all clues but screams bloody murder when I try to feed him. It makes me so sad, ”she wrote on Instagram last month. “When does breastfeeding become easier. It is hard!”

We feel you, mother!

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