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PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (Tampa Bay Now) – Local environmental groups will be spending hours out at the beach, cleaning up trash following labor day weekend.

“It’s Monday, the sanitation trucks are not picking up so the trash cans are going to be pretty full. We need to get out there and remind people to pick up their trash,” said Carrie Auerbach with Treasure Island Adopt A Beach.

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Auerbach says this week her organization will be going out to the sand every day to pick up trash.

“We have early reports that this is one of the busiest weekends we’ve had so far this year so there’s going to be a lot of people out there,” said Auerbach.

Beach-goers are seeing the trash left behind from Labor Day Weekend.

“More of like a drink bottle,” said Jake Thomas, a resident of Pinellas County.

“Just some paper,” said another resident, Kelly Prescott.

Jake Thomas spent Monday out at Treasure Island Beach and saw a lot more trash than he expected.

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“Lots of trash bags just piled up on the trash cans,” said Thomas.

One main concern for Thomas is the wildlife.

“It’s very important because you have all of the birds, seagulls and stuff like that that are always roaming the beach, and we don’t want them picking up something that they shouldn’t be picking up,” said Thomas.

Auerbach says another concern is trash impacting the turtle nesting season.

“We are in the middle of hatching and these little baby turtles need a clear path to get to the water. Even a footprint can take them down a slippery slope,” said Auerbach.

“We don’t want the little babies crawling through the trash while trying to get to the water,” said Prescott.

She says the environment needs to remain a priority year round.

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“We need to remain diligent even though Summer is over. I never think Summer is over in Treasure Island,” said Auerbach.


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