This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Can’t Save Everyone

This is us is going to build us up, break us down and then try to build us up again. Between Rebecca’s devastating diagnosis to the demise of Kate and Toby’s marriage, there will be a lot of heartbreaking moments this season. Here are the good times!

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: “The Challenger”

Rebecca’s devastating news

Rebecca’s health is the overarching story of season 6. Kevin, Kate and Randall’s decisions from here will all take into account their mother’s health.

Earlier, Jack and Rebecca confronted the big three about the Challenger explosion after the kids saw it on television. Kate tries to find the silver and says the astronauts are now closer to the sky. Randall takes the sympathetic path and wonders who is going to feed the teacher’s children on board. Kevin chooses to hide his pain and pretend it was not real.

Later in the evening, Rebecca and Jack rationalize their children’s decisions. Jack believes Kevin protects himself from getting hurt, while Rebecca compares Randall to Holden Caulfield and how he will eventually realize he can not save everyone.

Did they make those comparisons or what?

Today, Rebecca, Nicky and Miguel Kevin’s children take to the park and ride a children’s train. Rebecca begins to recall how she loved to take the train with her father, but she struggles to remember her favorite carriage. At Kate and Kevin’s party, Rebecca reveals that her PET scan revealed plaque buildup in her brain. In other words, early onset Alzheimer’s. At the end of the episode, Rebecca tearfully remembers the word “caboose”.

The doom of marriage

That headline may be harsh, but it is true. Kate and Toby are heading for a divorce, whether you like it or not. Kate is to marry Phillip at the age of 45, but her marriage to Toby must first and foremost crumble.

Damn. Have a soul, Dan.

Toby video chats with Kate to congratulate her on her birthday, but ends the call abruptly to get back to work, to Kate’s great dismay. After a birthday massage, Phillip sends a text message to Kate to come to school due to an emergency. Before entering the office, Kate Phillips eavesdrops on her brutal breakup with her partner. I’m not a romantic expert like Mystery, but calling someone “boring” is the reason for a nice slap in the face. After the awkward breakup, Phillip surprises Kate with a performance of “Time After Time” from her students.

Later that evening, Kate sees pictures of the day as she stops to text Toby, who ends up surprising her personally for her birthday.

Calling my shot: One of the pictures will be of Phillip admiring Kate.

Manny restart?

If I was left at the altar, I would move out the next day. Kevin, on the other hand, decides that his best course of action is to move into the garage to be closer to the babies. Good idea? Keep that thought in mind.

It’s easy to forget that Kevin is an actor considering how many projects he has left. Kevin goes to the studio to meet Casey, the former producer of Manny, who offers him a role as the father in the reboot of the same show he went from in season 1. Due to Kevin’s outbursts and sporadic behavior, Hollywood is not exactly shouting to get Kevin to star in a movie. Although Kevin would rather die than go back to Manny, he decides to take the job so he can stay in Los Angeles to be closer to his children and mother.

Madison also comes in contact with Elijah, a friend from the book club. Jealousy gets the best out of Kevin and leads him to leave the garage in favor of Kate’s sofa.

Randall can not save everyone

Spider-Man learned that he can not save everyone, which is a lesson that Randall tackles. Randall receives the news that the burglar who broke into his house has been caught and put on trial that day. Instead of spending the birthday with the beautiful, amazing and charismatic wife, Beth, Randall chooses a day in court.

As Randall confronts the burglar, he quickly notices the burglar’s mental problems along with drug abuse. Randall decides to rescue the burglar and offer him a bed at a local homeless home. When the burglar never shows up, Randall reveals to Beth that he needs to help more people in town.

Randall can not save everyone, but he will try.

That was it for now. Listen along next week when we get to see Nicky pursue Sally in real life!

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