These slides are part of Florida teachers’ civics training

The Florida Department of Education is hosting a series of workshops this summer to train educators across the state on the state’s new civic standards for schools.

The three-day training sessions, which are part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Civics Literacy Excellence Initiative, started last week in Broward County and will continue through the month of July.

When DeSantis announced the initiative last April, he said it was designed to “ensure our students are prepared to be great citizens.”

But several South Florida high school educators who sat through the first three-day session last week said they were alarmed that the state’s teaching methodology was infused with a Christian and conservative ideology.

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The state disputes that. The Florida Department of Education said in a statement that, “every lesson we teach is based on history, not ideology or any form of indoctrination.”

Attached are presentation slides the department provided to the Herald / Times after a public records request. The materials only reflect the presentations, not the instruction that the state trainers delivered to public school teachers during the sessions. Educators interviewed by the Herald / Times said that most of their concerns took place during the explanation of the materials.

Here is the schedule for the training sessions.

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