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Image showing Mikaela Jade from the Indigital Minecraft Challenge talking to a child wearing virtual reality headgear.

Canberra resident Mikaela Jade explains Indigital Minecraft Challenge: helps children discover more about local indigenous knowledge – Afternoons

Have you played the popular computer game, Minecraft?The Indigital Minecraft Challenge encourages children to explore local indigenous knowledge in their area and use Minecraft to present the ways they would heal Country. Canberra resident Mikaela Jade is a proud Cabrogal woman, the founder of Indigital, and the creator of the

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Norm Macdonald’s Turtle Joke | Late night with Conan O’Brien – Team Coco

Norm Macdonald's Turtle Joke | Late night with Conan O'BrienTeam CocoBob Saget remembers longtime friend Norm Macdonald, their last communication and the real story behind the famous roastDeadlineComedian Rob Schneider dedicates the San Antonio show this weekend to Norm MacdonaldmySANorm MacDonald's Moth JokeTeam CocoNorm Macdonald's Death: A Tribute to

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