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Phil Good – Music

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Electrical recording artist Phil god has unveiled its long-awaited documentary Home Sweet Home. Directed by Brent Campanelli, the film captures Phil’s lifestyle and creative process after his move from Los Angeles, California to his hometown of Corvallis, OR during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the documentary on Phil Good’s official YouTube channel.

Phil Good documentary “Home Sweet Home”

In addition, Phil Good has released a three-track EP featuring intimate performances from the film. Recorded during a sold-out show in Wren, OR’s Wren Community Hall, the EP features acoustic renditions of “How Do I Feel”, “Living With No One” and “Do You Ever?”. That Home Sweet Home EP can be streamed and downloaded from today.

Home Sweet Home is the story of a troubled artist and celebrity who leaves the capital of entertainment to find peace in a slower, quieter and wetter place, ”says Phil. “Was it worth it? Maybe. Did he find what he was looking for? Certainly not. Did he have fun making a 17-minute documentary full of bad jokes and three intimate live performances of his biggest hits to date? Absolutely. ”

Earlier this year, Phil Good released an official cover of Modest Mouse’s 2004 hit “Float on”. His latest singles, including “How am I?“,”Falling“,”Everything is good“, and Living with no one“, have received praise from Uproxx, Billboard, PAPER Magazine, Lyrical Lemonade, Them to look at, and more.

Photo: Brent Campanelli

Phil Good was on “Stuck on you”, The main single from RAC’s critically acclaimed album Boy. Additionally RAC’s Remix of Phil’s single “Have you ever?”Has been nominated for best remixed recording in 2021 GRAMMY® Prices. Phil also launched the satirical talk show “Wait … Is that what you mean by that ?!”. Interviews with Finneas, Ashe, Adam Melchor, Chloe Moriondo, Bandet Camino, and more are available now at Phil’s Instagram.

By turning the audience into fans, Phil Good has supported Jaymes Young and record label Tones and I on tour. He is expected to return to the road in 2022.

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