PSC urges Obiena, Juico, POC to sit down and talk

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Orders all parties to stop issuing public statements

FIND solutions.

This was the request that the chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) William Ramirez sent on Wednesday to Ernest John “EJ” Obiena and the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) to put an end to the quarrel that had put Filipino sports in a bad situation. light locally and internationally.

“We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, let’s solve it as athletes,” said Mr. Ramirez. “The issue has pulled out and has drawn the nation’s name to the ant of negativity in the international sports scene.

“We promise all our love for the country, we must trust that you will listen to our call immediately, out of love for flags. For the Fatherland (For our homeland), ”he added.

For this to happen, Mr. Ramirez at Mr. Obiena must complete his liquidation so that PSC can continue to support him and that PATAFA reconsiders its plan to drop the Olympic pole vaulter from the national team and give him an appeal mechanism.

Mr. Ramirez also called on the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) to “build a bridge between the two parties as the parent organization of both and reconsider their decision to declare Mr (Philip Ella) Juico persona non grata on the premise of promoting peace in elite sports.”

Sir. Ramirez also asked Mr. Obiena, PATAFA and POC on creating a ceasefire on social media. “We demand that PATAFA, EJ, POC and all those parties who wish to light the fire on this insane issue stop. You have all publicly recognized the PSC and asked us to help solve the problem. Please listen to us on this “Stop requesting public statements and come to the table with us to discuss this matter,” Mr Ramirez said.

At press time, Mr Ramirez spoke with Messrs. Obiena and Juico to once again try to come up with decisions.

PSC had tried to mediate as early as November last year, but only PATAFA agreed.

And the sports finance agency hopes both parties will agree to sit down and talk this time.

“The PSC Board is prepared to report all related information to the President’s Office this afternoon (Wednesday),” Mr Ramirez said. – Joey Villar

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