NYC Mayor Eric Adams says the city will cope with an omicron rise

New York Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday that his city can cope with the winter coronavirus rise and keep its schools and businesses open despite fears of the omicron variant.

“We are going to survive this,” Mr. Adams for “CBS Mornings.”

“The negative energy in our country is really destroying our children, it is destroying each other,” he said. “We are tired of being prisoners under COVID. So let’s be smart, let’s take the social distance, let’s wear our masks, get vaccinated and take the booster shot.”

Daily cases in the city have risen from an average of 2,800 in early December to more than 36,000 a day, though average admissions have fallen in recent days from 700 to around 600.

Mr. Adams highlighted a plan to put 1.5 million coronavirus tests in schools to ensure students do not infect their classrooms.

“The safest place for a child is in school,” said Mr. Adams.

On the business front, the Democratic mayor said dishwashers and others cannot work remotely, so they need restaurants and other sectors of the economy to remain open.

“We need to open up the city so that low-wage workers are able to survive,” he said.

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