Novak Djokovic news updates tennis star faces risk of being barred from re-entering Australia

Novak Djokovic risks being barred from re-entering Australia for three years if his attempt to overturn his canceled visa fails.

Djokovic was transported to a hotel in Melbourne earlier today and could be sent back to Serbia within hours unless his lawyers can stop the deportation.

A federal court challenge is expected this afternoon.

Experts argue that his attempt to reverse the decision is likely to collapse and could lead to him being locked out of the country for three years.

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The Prime Minister defends the decision to refuse Djokovic’s entry into Australia

Professor of public law at the University of Sydney, Mary Crock, was quoted by NCA Newswire today as warning: “The law on this is very much in favor of the then government.” Conversely, if you apply for the wrong visa, the discretion to obtain another visa at the point of entry is very limited.

“And if a visa has been canceled, the consequences of that are very long-term – both for Australia and any other country he travels into, because one is always asked, ‘have you been deported or excluded’?

“If he is deported from Australia, there is a potential for him to be ruled out for three years.”

Another option could be to send Djokovic home, allow him to change his visa application and then return to Melbourne.

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Speaking at a press conference on the matter this morning, Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed that there had never been an exception in place and Djokovic’s evidence of a medical exemption was “inadequate”.

“I would like to thank the border force officers for carrying out their work in implementing government policies … entry with a visa requires double vaccination or a medical exemption,” he said. “I am informed that such an exception was not in place and as a result he is subject to the same rule as everyone else.

“I would also like to emphasize that it is ultimately the responsibility of the traveler. It is up to the traveler to be able to assert and back up their ability to enter the country in accordance with our laws.

“They can accept advice, but it’s up to them in the end, and if they do not comply with the rules, the Australian Border Force will do their job and they have done their job (in this case).

“This is not about any single person, it’s simply a matter of following the rules, and then these processes will take their course over the next few hours and that event will proceed as it should.”

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