Montecito Mansion is now not good enough for Sussexes

The Sussexs destroy Montecito. What I do not understand is why they can not take a hint. At least that’s not the reason for this Chronicles of Harkle post. Sarah Robertson of the Mirror wrote a captivating article about how the Sussexes are not happy with their house that they have had for about eighteen months now. So that brings me to my unsolicited query. Why move into that house if you were not happy?

Didn’t Harry talk the other week about quitting your job if it did not give you the joy he thinks it should bring? Does the same apply to your home? Another tone-deaf feeling from the man who threw everything away for his talentless wife’s thirst for superstar.

By moving over to the Montecito mansion, according to the Mirror article I linked to above, the Sussexs apparently dislike the location of the house and are not “over the moon” with the property. When I read it, the first thought I had was, “Why move there, to begin with?” My mind immediately went to the rumor that Tyler Perry threw them out of his house.

The couple bought the house from Sergey Grishin, a Russian billionaire who is alleged to have been caught in one of the biggest bank frauds. It makes me wonder how any of them even know this man. Are they aware of his alleged risky business? If they are, then Harry, who says he warned the palace staff about his father’s assistant years ago, shows him as hypocritical. Ultimately, this implies that the Sussexs believe that they are above the law and that everyone else, including the royals, is below them.

An interesting comment on Instagram from Royal News Networks Instastories is that if they cut back, it’s because they can not maintain it as they do not have a pile of money.

Montecito does not appreciate the constant cardboard shots

When I moved away from the house, I wanted to mention something that YouTube commentators have referred to. Montecito is full of celebrities who go effortlessly without being chased by the paparazzi. But Meghan is desperate for attention, so she organizes a cardboard walk to prove she went shopping, she had to ask to get the storefronts to show she went there specifically. In her mind, she drummed advertising for the store.

You may not see other celebrities in Montecito do this as they value privacy. There will be an occasional cardboard shot, but they are rarely set up to make that celebrity look better. Meghan does not care about her neighbors, it seems. In addition, she wants the highest possible level of exposure.

Montecito is like any other suburb of America. The only difference is the rich people with the blocks filled with luxury houses. Something else that I have to point out is that a large portion of the famous people living in those houses had to work their way to the top. At least most celebrities understand how the average person lives.

Meghan got everything handed to her by the men in her life. Harry never had to worry about bills or having a roof to sleep under. If he was going somewhere, he did not have to ask. They both have to sleep on the street for a week without necessities and see how long they last.

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