Kim Kardashian is ‘infected’ and her relationship with Pete Davidson is becoming ‘very serious’! OMG!

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson takes this rebound thing to another level – who needs a return to single life when they have made each other go FAR beyond that ?!

That Keeping up with the Kardashians star and her Saturday Night Live The boyfriend in the lead role seems to be getting far more serious with their relationship than we have previously been led to believe. Insiders are now coming out of the woodwork with details of the duo’s intense connection. If you are reading this, Kanye West???

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Although it’s only a few months ago that Pim first became publicly known for their surprisingly romantic connection, insiders are keeping up with all sorts of new details about how compatible A-listers really are!

One source in particular caught our attention this time – an anonymous mole close to the KarJenner family, who spoke to AND! News about the construction of the land for these two lovers.

Speaking of the increasingly elevated moments in the high-profile couple’s relationship, the insider explained:

“Kim and Pete are getting very serious. He has hung out in her house more. She is fascinated and the relationship is very exciting for her.”

Oh wow!

Of course, there was no doubt that she had fun with King of the State of Iceland star and we have long known that he makes her laugh a lot. But to imagine things getting deeper than that ?! It sounds like these two have seriously captured some more significant feelings for each other! We love it!

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Their bi-coastal lifestyle is still an issue, with Pete back home in NYC and Kim choosing instead to stay in and around Calabasas forever. But that’s what air travel is for, we suppose, and the insider was keen to explain how the couple was down to travel to each other if need be:

“They make the distance work, and he plans to be in LA more often now.”

Okay then!

As if that’s not enough in terms of their love, we can talk about Kim’s latest post about Instagram?! Wednesday morning was KKW Beauty exec shared a set of images with eye-catching captions, as you can see (below):

In fact, the best is yet to come!

And if one is to believe these new details about Pim, it sounds like the reality TV veteran is ready to go all in on love again!

Honestly, we’m just curious how Kanye will react to all this. We know that he is still aiming for reconciliation, even as he goes on romantically in his own way …

What do you think of this novelty, Perezcious readers ?? Do Kim and Pete have what it takes to go far ?!

Sound OFF with your thoughts on the situation down in the comments (below) !!!

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